You Can Never Have Enough Ilsa! – More ads (for now!)

12-12-75 – San Antonio – I sadly missed out on posting this in the last post, but this was a pretty cool ad from the Aztec 3, which by this time was gaining a reputation as a place to play the risky flicks.

I have been going through the collection and seen that I skipped over a few cool Ilsa ads. More to come, too!!!

As Andrea True said, “More! More! Moooooooooore!!!!” – and as I say, you can never have enough Ilsa!


3-5-76, Terre Haute, Indiana – Another Second Run ad, this time with Hot Pants holiday! Still a different Kind of X.


11-26-76, Detroit – They had R versions by then, but I seriously wonder if the Fox played the X prints. hey, it showed Snuff two times that year, so anything is seriously possible with this. Even Cambist faked the R for Vampyres, too!


3-4-77, York PA – One of the first showings of the first two together. I still wonder if they played the R or X versions.


~ by screen13 on October 15, 2016.

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