Dusk to Dawn Fun, 1975 – Post One

8-31-75, Alamogordo – $1.50 to see this Dusk to Dawn R-rated sleaze feast for Labor Day! I’m there!

It’s time to have some fun and games with a selection of Drive In shows which were starting to turn out to be Greatest Hits packages for the decade. It’s understandable – before the days of VHS you were feeling that a film you were watching was possibly going to be for the last time and maybe you were going to catch something missed due to some back seat symphony, restroom run, snack bar line-up, or attack of the shut-eye. We did not care, it was a night out having some fun.

It’s an art that needs to be revived for us Exploitation fans.


6-13-75, Albuquerque – You had a lucky Friday the 13’th if you were a Horror fiend

Those looking for chills and thrills had it with the School’s Out Summer Shocker 4-play at the Hiland with some cool films that were pertty much the background for the real show. There were those who got into the movies, of course, and they wer treated with something that was perfect for outdoor entertainment.

The Spanish show at the Sunset featured two of the four films Boris Karloff made in Mexico with Jack Hill being part of the team, Alien Terror and The Snake People. The show at the 66 was business as usual with a different kind of Horror – the kind that happens if you get caught with someone you should not have been with in The Young Seducers! It’s best to let the “professionals” show it on the screen while you watch than jump into a situation you will regret.


7-4-75, Albuquerque – Werewolves on Wheels starts up this Fanfare set of Biker films that followed up on the AIP sets that were playing for years. Fanfare was also doing OK with a re-rated version of Run Angel Run as a PG movie, but this group was possibly more popular thanks to it’s rating as for the DIs R marked the spot (Sometimes X, but…).


7-2-75, Frederick, MD – A bit too much of a mix, but points for getting She Devils on Wheels on there!!!


7-5-75, Ames, Iowa – Crown International knew that it had a winning set of films! Five films, donuts, coffee, and OJ! The Sidehackers, The Hellcats, and Bill Greffe’s Wild Rebels have all made it to Mystery Science Theater 3000 while Wild Riders made it for the freak set. The Pink Angels has just received it’s cult following although it was a nice player on the DI scene for years.


10-31-75, Steelville, Illinois – The four pack also hit this DI on Halloween, perfect for the Werewolves on Wheels!


8-2-75, Brandon, Manitoba – I love the ads from the Lucky Star DI! Filled with 70’s Exploitation cool and a mix of flicks! The pick for me is the all-dependable Devil’s Nightmare which was a staple of B slots for years.


10-31-75, Fyatteville, Arkansas – Living up to the fact that this set is “Terror-Mite” are four films that need no introduction to real Horror fans! Mark of the Devil is my favorite, but the main winner is Last House on the Left!


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One Response to “Dusk to Dawn Fun, 1975 – Post One”

  1. Wow, that line-up at the Frederick DI is ..uh..diverse, to put it mildly. ‘The Quiet Man’???

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