Last Run Drive In Theater – Showtown DI, Alexandria, Louisiana

6-10-83 – Alexandria, LA – Sexy Chesty is seriously a rare Last Run kind of find that’s welcomed with open arms at The Scene! Playing a couple of years before it’s closure, this double bill brought back some memories for the few customers who showed up. This seriously looks something form 1977 brought back to fill up a screen (yeah, we know, in more ways than one!). MAYBE it’s Chesty Anderson, US Navy starring Sheri Eubank, “That SUPER VIXEN Girl”.

The Last Run Drive In collection is a series of ads from the last decade of Exploitation and Sexploitation Drive In activity (76-86 in my view) that feature well-played movies, re-titled reissues, hard-to-find screen fillers released independently, imported films that escaped, Horror films distributed through small Distributors, and whatever else I see fit.


6-24-83 – It’s been WAY too long since I posted something from the Martial Arts world! Fist of the Golden Monkey starring Jeong Jin Hwa, better known as Elton Chong, was one of the many films of Godfery Ho and a release by Mel Maron through Almi, the company that also unleashed Lucio Fulci’s House by the Cemetery.

6-20-80 – You read that right! Russ Meyer’s classic Mondo Topless was appearing here and there.


6-24-83 – Here’s another find of Last House on A Dead End Street on the West Screen with a rare sighting of Run from Evil with Michael Levin and Ellen Barber which possibly is Blood Bride or something like that. You win, you’re looking at that T&A spectacular ad that has been seen in many areas through 1983!


3-5-76 – Here’s another finding of I Hate My Body, a title familiar to Something Weird Video fanatics for it’s brief appearance from Byron Mabe. Friday Night is Date Night, I see!


~ by screen13 on October 14, 2016.

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