Snuff (1976) Gets Snuffed in Philadelphia and Competes with The Story of O in LA – Screen 13 Research Update



2-4-76 – Snuff, Monarch’s release of what was essentially most of Michael and Roberta Findlay’s The Slaughter with a tacked on ending trying to live up to the ad line, played in Philadelphia reportedly for half a day until protests stopped the showing all together. Already a very controversial film which has played in NYC in a time of movies like Taxi Driver, word of it’s infamy made those against the film stand up quick in several areas in The US.


2-6-76 – By Friday, it was replaced with the Beyond the Door/Abby double feature that was a good screen-filler which reached many areas including Detroit.


2-1-76, Detroit – Sadly, by comparison to the Philadelphia engagement that included a number of Budco theaters, it only played the Plitt-owned Palms.

detro-3-19-763-19-76 – Snuff is played at the Fox to more success. After knowing that HG Lewis’ flicks also showed up in Detroit, you already know that the Motor City was a perfect place for movie ghouls!

la-3-17-76-snuff3-17-76, LA – My research in where Snuff played also took me to California, where it was Banned in Orange County.
Take note that on the same day The Story of O also had it’s first showing in LA!



3-5-76, Corpus Christi


10-1-76, Detroit News – Snuff had a successful showing at the Fox back in April enough to bring it back in October, with a fake R in the advertising!


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