Happy Birthday, Ed Wood! – A Screen 13 Update

10-4-59, Charleston, WV – In celebration of Ed Wood’s Birthday on Oct. 10’th. 1924, it’s time for another round-up of great ads featuring the one and only film maker who’s work has had his fans (us!) and critics (…well they don’t call them critics for nothing!).  It’s always great to find any reason to continue posting about his work because all of this information needs to be out there, and the more the merrier. A perfect way to start this chapter is another find for the Go Johnny Go/Plan 9 from Outer Space double bill that has possibly been the most popular or most played showing of the famous Sci-Fi flick which would start showing on TV by 1960 sometimes under it’s original title of grave Robbers from Outer Space.


9-27-59, Odessa, TX – Plan 9 gets the leading film treatment this time!greenville-sc-4-29-59

4-29-59, Greenville, SC – A nice word-only ad for the Just Added feature!


5-23-56 saw The Violent Years, a film Wood wrote, play the Paramount in LA. Directed by William R. Morgan, this was a great Girl Gang flick that had a lot of Wood’s style.


3-15-57, Los Angeles – If you know your Nightmare of Ecstasy, then you seriously know what this is about! To those who don’t…enjoy!


1-18-63, Tuscon – Bride of the Monster is a great film to waste some time with. No puppets needed!




12-6-63, Los Angeles area and 8-21-64, Cincinnati – Shotgun Wedding seems to be one of the most popular titles of Wood’s career as a writer as this kept playing everywhere. In Flaming hillbilly Color, it had the backwoods Lolita style down right enough to go from screen to screen with no problem at all.


2-28-64, Rochester, NY and 8-9-65, Taneytown, MD – A couple of showings of I Changed My Sex at Adult screens.


11-29-67, Philadelphia – Out of all of the re-titles for Orgy of the Dead, this seriously is a favorite!


10-10-69, Akron – The silly Nudie flick One Million AC/DC showed at the Astor, which was the leading Adult screen of the area before the Porno days. Like it or lump it, Wood’s writing seriously shows all though this flick with numerous familiar West Coast faces.


3-21-70, Pelham, NC – Any look into Ed Wood’s flicks focusing on his later years will hit the South DI. Here, One Million AC/DC makes a stop.


7-17-70, Detroit area – Mrs. Stone’s Thing plays at the Variety and Guild, two screens that usually shared the same Sexploitation shows.

11-28-70, Owosso, MI – the first three years of the Sceen DI, ran by Harry Mohney, had a lot of cool pre-Porno shows. This capture showed that the paper sometimes had no worries about advertising Adult films next to a theater showing a Children’s Matiness – in this case a K. Gordon Murray presentation!


5-9-75, Lowell, Massachusetts – Fugitive Girls was AKA Five Loose Women, the next to last film of Wood’s career. An AP Stephens Production, Wood appears as a sheriff in his last acting scene making this something of a must-see for his fans. Sadly, this ad uses the image of Teenage Tramp, although the sight of Chesty Morgan is at least there.


6-15-75, Hollywood – Rene Bond appeared at the Ivar Theater in a series of appearances and a late show featuring one of her movies. In this, the Ed Wood flick Necromania hit it’s screen. Seriously love this ad for all of the right reasons, and Rene is one of them!!!


9-26-75 and 10-3-75, Strausberg, OH – Two more AP Stephens productions with Wood involvement made the scene at the Lynn Drive In during it’s regular show. As was the practice, there was a Midnight show featuring supposedly XXX films, but knowing the titles on display including another Wood-written flick (Dropout Wife), you know that it was standard fare given more hype although I’m sure the customers did not care at all.


6-7-77, Anniston – Right in the city connected with David F. Friedman, the Beach Bunnies played with a B now connected to Something Weird Video – a Greek Import released by Hollywood Film Corporation that’s a very rare find to see on my journeys through ad-land.


9-9-77, Milwaukee – A nice way to end this post – a full ad for The Beach Bunnies!

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  1. That slapping sound you hear is my jaw hitting the floor. What an amazing collection of rare ads!!!!

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