The Vampire’s Night Orgy/Count Dracula’s Great Love

4-24-74, San Antoinio

In celebration of the Vampire’s Night Orgy and Count Dracula’s Great Love on Blu Ray releases (Code Red and Vinegar Syndrome, respectively), here’s a small collection of ads from it’s time in US Drive Ins when both films were put together by International Amusement. Released in a time of imported movies “inspired” by the Exorcist and Hemisphere’s serious hit duo of Devil’s Nightmare/In the Devil’s Garden with it’s use of Exorcist-style promotion as well as Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, this double feature did not play as much but still dd alright. Thankfully, some theaters decided to give it a great campaign with a shock show in High Point being…a high point of it’s release,

The US Theatrical showings had the CDGL as Dracula’s Great Love.


5-17-74, Pittsburgh


11-1-74, Louisville – A great ad with a good looking border thrown in.


3-22-75, High Point in this great show

After this came the last run shows before they went off to TV and PD-Video before the recent officially restored releases.


6-25-75, Brownwood, TX


8-15-75, Lubbock


10-20-78, Toledo!


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