Theater Ad Art Fun Time – HG Lewis Edition

8-5-66, Rochester, NY – This ad is going ape over Ed Wood’s The Sinister Urge and Blood Feast! Obviously, they did not care if Ed’s is in glorious B&W, and I’m sure the audience did not care either, but I will give points for the WTF-ness of it. It can’t get any more “ape” in this post than this!

I will seriously continue the HG Lewis Tributes, but for now click on the HG Lewis and Herschell Gordon Lewis tags for more, more, more…and seriously more. Have fun with this and check out the collection of great articles – I love the Detroit collection the best so far! There are some winners I’m holding on for future articles as well.

This is a small collection of ads from Drive Ins and small screens who used their own advertising which have an HG Lewis film in the program. There’s  great examples from the Tar Heel and 360 that show it they were into it, but some of the others are jaw dropping and hilarious in their own right.

2-22-74, High Point’s Finest gets it right!!! This is the way you advertise without using the original art!


1-13-75, Fort Walton, FLA – ALMOST got it, but…”Blood and Feast”?!!! “10,000 Maniacs”?!!!!! These were classics that have played theaters and Drive Ins for years and they got the titles wrong?!!! Still, the Nightmare in Wax bit with The Conqueror Worm face was a nice touch.


3-6-75, San Benito, TX – the I Drink Your Blood image works well with this triple play of Gore greatness…OK, two films of Gore Greatness and one decent attempt to go epic in a Hammer Horror in Florida style. the image was not a bad pick, but a little too familiar as David Durston’s classic was still playing here and there on a regular basis at least until the Late 70’s.


4-13-77, Clovis, NM – The ad mat for The Vampire’s Night Orgy and Count Dracula’s Great Love was used for this HG Lewis double feature. This was not unique to this showing, either as another ad was spotted in Longview, TX. Must have been a Sub-distributor kind of thing. Lazy, yes, although the original show was not too familiar enough to make people believe they were going to see something else but the girls make up for the lack of originality.

* – The Night Orgy/Great Love double feature was carried by International Amusement, a company that closed up shop around 1974-early 75 and sold off most of their titles to TV – although The Sex Thief must have been brought over to some last-run company to play at out-of-the-way theaters.


10-13-78, Greenville, NC – Not too exciting of an ad, but at least Silent Night, Bloody Night was a creepy classic that was perfect to play with Blood Feast. HG Lewis’ Feast lived up to the Gory part of the hype.


2-24-68, Danville, Virginia – You can tell what theaters liked showing these films by the way they get into throwing on some crazy image and the exclamation points!


9-20-68 – the 360 throws in a Blood Feast bit while advertising two films that don’t have that image in either of them. I doubt if the audience cared, though. “Teen Strangler” was at least more of an honest title, but not as catchy,


10-2-70, Alton, Illinois – the pout wins! The Gruesome Twosome/Something Weird double playing at this Dusk to Dawn show.

5-22-71, Gallup. NM – A bit of a lopsided program, but a nice restrained ad with another skull.

west-palm-beach-9-6-709-6-70, West Palm Beach – You can’t top this! The Gruesome Twosome was featured on one screen with it’s copy plus the Death Curse of Tartu ad line of “This is Horror” thrown in because with that film nothing more can be said but THIS IS HORROR! On the other screen is a Biker/Druggie extravaganza with the She Devils and the Russ Tamblyn flick Free Grass.

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