The Sick, Sleazy, Sinful Seventies – Part One

Albuquerque, 4-19-74 – One seriously sleazy ad here! A serious Feel-like-you’re-in-Hell (and like it) triple play! Many small ads for places with names like the Mini Vue had that “don’t go there if you drive on the safe side” quality, but a hostage chick film starring Lisbeth Olsen (Sinful Dwarf), the infamous Young Seducers (where they look about 20-21), and Animal Lover is certainly a great example of EuroShockSex shows that the more daring places played the films which were far better than just watching some 16mm Hotel Flick. Scene-Approved! The films listed here played a lot through the Mid-70’s, especially Young Seducers thanks to being released through Hemisphere and the Blue Balloon is on the Blu release of Severin’s presentation of The Sinful Dwarf. More Albuquerque memories later.

As you can tell, this is a trip down Seventies Sin, Shady Lane, the Storefront Hell, and even a few major theaters that dared to play this kind of stuff. This is only a small sample of this series of ads that actually were published back in the days when we loved to look at the movie ads away from our parents.


Detroit area Suburbs, Pontiac, Ypsilanti, 6-3-77 – The show that pays you a Silver Dollar to sit through this infamous Lasse Braun flick with one of the Adult hits of the year.


3-6-70 – The groups of small Adult ads in LA seriously bring you into a world of sleaze. You have a lot of things going on – Straight, Gay, Kinky, and in this case Manson-inspired…you have to love these quick-buck people who jump on any sick trend just to make a movie.

7-3-71, Milwaukee – She certainly must whip it!


11-20-71, Owosso, MI, at Harry Mohney’s Sceen Drive In! Certainly not the most comfortable of images, but you know The 70’s. It was one of your regular DIs until Michigan’s Porno legend took it over by 1967 – I think the first film shown under his management was The Raw Ones. By this time, the ads were getting primitive and the movies made in hotels.


11-24-72, Detroit – A show at the Atlas-Mel-6 Mile group of theaters.

9-2-72, Kansas City – Schizo’s were a happening thing by then, and so was creepy hype the way we liked it.


9-8-72, Wilmington, Del – A sign of the times, and one of the few ads that carried the real title! Today, this much played film is found through Vinegar Syndrome’s release.


Detroit area, 7-21-72 – A Feel-“Is this going to happen to me?!!!” flick at four Adult theaters in the area. this Sidney Knight Aquarius release is found through Alpha Blue Archives and has a small cult following for the rough stuff of The 70’s.

6-23-73, Lewiston and 12-8-72, LA – this was a Duffy Films release which was in connection with Maron Films as it’s X-Rated wing. This film had appearances from such familiar faces as Harry Reems and Laura Canyon. Duffy also released The Cult.

This Titus Moede-starred film had “Maryjane Saint” as well as Marsha Jordan. This is a rare one to find, but it played a number of theaters in 1970-1 and is possibly lost. Love that ad!


10-16-70, Danville, VA – The quickly made ghoulish Adult flick Don’t Just Lay There played the South DI with…Death Curse of Tartu?!!! What, did they insert something in the second feature?!!!




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