Monster Mash Time at the Starlite!


Many thanks going out to Howie Pyro for the information and photos about a couple of the classic characters that were used in the legendary Starlite Drive In ad with classic copy whipped up by HG Lewis and David F. Friedman for Stan Kohlberg’s theater above the Phantom. The 50’s and 60’s were a fun, monster-obsessed time for Horror and Science Fiction movie fans and some of the Starlite ads for Horror shows from 1962-3 captured it perfectly. The show also played at the 53 and the Dunes.

His original comment is in the first recent posting of HG Lewis’ Movie Madness Remembered, and it’s great to present the photos he wanted to post. From the comment, the featured monster was “…a ceramic ugly monster figure. A cheapo rip off of the well known Kreiss Psycho Ceramics, which were very popular in the monster obsessed 60’s…”

Who know if they collected the figures or if they were inspired by some catalog, but thankfully they are a part of classic advertising history.






~ by screen13 on September 28, 2016.

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