HG Lewis’ Movie Madness Remembered – Post Three: 1965 Colored Blood Red a Go Go

Abilene, 2-22-65 – Moonshine Mountain played the Town and Country Drive In, which was another good place for Exploitation back in it’s original days of operation. On the second screen is a Mike Ripps presentation of The Fat Black Pussycat/Common Law Wife that played well through the Mid-60’s, although not as successful as Poor White Trash (originally Bijou with Timothy Carey) and Shame (originally The Intruder with William Shatner). Thanks to a restoration in 2000 after 19 seasons of being closed, it’s up and running once more for those who love to see a show under the stars. Although today’s playlist is more modern, The Scene salutes the theater for surviving and adapting to changing times.


3-30-65, Statesville, NC

1965 was a year that saw HG Lewis setting up the strategy for his movie business while sorting out the problems with Kohlberg and finding other genres of movies to move into. Moonshine Mountain was the film that kept him in business through a couple of years while still doing well with his advertising in Chicago – Chicken Unlimited was one of his biggest clients until 1972. Still, there is a lot to talk about thanks to the nature of the Exploitation industry, the continued play of proven winners, and HG Lewis sharpening his game.


1-22-65, Burlington, NC – You have to love the crazy self-made ads for Drive In Horror Shows, especially when they feature films from the Blood Trilogy.


2-3-65, An ad from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Still on tour! You could say that these films were the Punk Rock of the day, playing here and there with no gala opening night but with a lot of controversy when they appeared.


3-13-65 at the New Moon (on Saturday!…Ha! Ha!) in Lake Charles, LA. This time, a great third feature was added in Horror Hotel co-starring Christopher Lee!

It can not be denied that despite the problems that led to Blood Feast, Two thousand Maniacs!, and (later) Color Me Blood Red would face when it came to monies owed and who owned them, they played to great success though the years. Some of the case was settled by 1965 when David F. Friedman moved to California and completed the third film while moving into the Adult Movie industry, although it looked like that Lewis’ part of the argument was settled by 1967. Stan Kohlberg was still not out of the story, as we will see by 1970…and with the nature of the business as it was, you did not have to be a “Psychic” know that they would cross paths again.


3-5-65, Malaga, CA (? on the location) – Color Me Blood Red has it’s fans and critics, but remains an essential piece of the puzzle. Shortly after it’s release, David F. Friedman worked with Lee Frost on the Defilers in Hollywood which was unleashed by at least September of that year and was working with Dan Sonney – the Pussycat Theater opened on 5’th near Hill in early 1966.

4-20-65 – Hitting two Akron area DIs that weekend was Two Thousand Maniacs! still running on tour through the American Exploitation scene. The Gala and Blue Sky should be very familiar to Screen 13 readers!

9-30-65, Illinois – The first two of the Blood Trilogy with “Karanuja”…wonder how the ad copy got the spelling of Karamoja wrong as it was a classic that was about 10 years in US release.  This time it was a Maniac a Go Go!



9-24-65, Toledo – A small and tasty ad for Color Me Blood Red with some excellent co-features at the Telegraph and East Side Drive Ins. Until 1979, these Drive Ins would play many shows together.




10-21-65, Madison, WI – I’m sure that you’re wondering when I’m going to get to Monster a Go Go. With this ad for the East Side of Madison, you can tell that it more or less escaped than released, which makes it all the better. We know the story – HG Lewis picks up an unfinished film by Bill Rebane that was built up as Wisconsin’s contribution to Science Fiction but wound up dead in the water after the monies ran out, adds some campy footage, throws in a Garage Punk theme, and shoves it on a few screens including showings as a B to Moonshine Mountain. Here, it’s with something called Femme a Go Go and Russian Roulette – to this day I’m still wondering what those two were although I might guess that “Femme” was some Go Go Girls short called Hot Night at the Go Go Lounge


10-15-65, Oshkosh, WI – Although it has been said that Monster a Go Go was played with Moonshine Mountain, it was usually found as a B to Kwaheri. The wild roadshow attraction was released through Unusual Films led by David Chudnow which would also handle a couple of Lewis’ movies including How to Make a Doll and Just for the Hell of It.

10-25-65 – The Motor In had a return engagement of Color Me Blood Red in one of the first appearances of “The Trilogy”. More on that later!bristol-pa-10-15-65
10-15-65 – Color Me Blood Red was hitting the Pennsylvania Drive Ins around this time in double features with another HG Lewis film as part of the package. The Scum rose up in this showing!


11-12-65, Petersburg, PA – Adult Horror was a perfect description!

I feel that it’s perfect to end this part with a few classic ads that are a perfect post script to Lewis’ 1965 which proved the longevity of some of his films. In the 60’s, if a screen played an HG Lewis film, it was most likely to be the Exploitation Hot Spot of the area.


4-15-66, Color Me Blood Red hits the Circle G, a regular stop for Lewis’ films in the Burlington, NC area.


…while at “High Point’s Finest”, it plays with Tomb of Torture and Cave of the Living Dead! The image on the bottom was from Horrors of Spider Island, but it fits!


8-5-66, Taneytown, MD – The Monocacy was the area’s Exploitation Hot Spot which later turned into Adult by the 70’s.


9-24-66, Sandusky, Ohio with the Ormond’s classic Country-sploitation film girl From Tobacco Row. Perfect!


10-18-66, St. Louis – The Olympic was a classic Drive In that was infamous for all of the right reasons and mainly showed Adult films. This show was of the first two in The Trilogy plus the Columbia Crime Drama Man in the Dark.

sanantonio-12-10-6612-10-66, San Antonio – The Lackland was an Exploitation hot spot in the SA area, and Lewis’ films were at home.



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