EuroHorror and Other Sick Delights at the Last Run Theater – A Few 1979-85 ads from Akron, Louisville, and Toledo

Akron, 4-13-79 – Three more Houses of Hell! The infamous Last House on Dead End Street gets paired up with “The New House on the Left”, better known now as it’s original title The Night Train Murders (or the original US title Last Stop in the Night Train), and the Thriller Terror Under the House.

I love seeing ads for EuroHorror classics playing through the days of the Last Run! These showings might have brought in the usual customer who did not really care as long as the films were good, or at least perfect background to whatever was happening in the seats, but there must have been a few Cinema Ghouls who knew that these might have been their last times to catch these films as they were intended to be seen. Before VHS or Cable brought the films into the home, catching these movies had some kind of magic that can never be recreated, even the stuff that could be re-enacted on a sofa.

Akron was seriously a great city for Exploitation and one that had theaters that are legendary with “The Scene” as being Adult Movie theaters (The Astor…more later!) and Drive Ins that played a number of class-SICK Horror and Sexploitation flicks. Louisville was also a great city for the wild films to show up at the Drive In, and one great ad stood out to be placed in this selection for tonight. Sometimes, Toledo had some classic shows at the Butch Cassidy as well, usually starting and ending their seasons with the good stuff.

If I wanted to post everything I loved, I would have been at this for maybe days, so here’s a small selection for now. Enjoy!

Akron, 4-20-79 – This serious mixed up ad seriously wins an award of some kind! The only ones who can actually say what this was all about were those who were there, and the possibilities of remembering anything about it are close to zero (although I’m hoping someone will step up and talk about it)! Was this a tag team mix of films? Was Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks, some Dracula flick, and Schizo a part of it? LOVE this ad!!!


Louisville, 9-12-80 – FREE BUBBLING VAMPIRE VENOM!!! With a set like that including Franco’s Jack the Ripper and Creature With the Blue Hand (Klaus in two flicks that night!), I’m there!


Toledo, 8-18-80 – I seriously need to get some more Pantheon ads here. The Downtown Toledo theater used to be a Family-oriented screen until The 70’s and Urban Action proved to be more of a money maker – it’s only competition at the time in that decade was the short lived Sepia. The Midnite Show looked cool including one of Paul Naschy’s Hombre Lobo movies.


Akron 4-2-82 – Going classic with this one! You can say that this was one for those who really wanted to take a time trip to Drive In Past with some great films for the outdoor screens.


Akron, 5-23-84 – PIECES! ENOUGH SAID!


Akron, 10-21-83 – AKA Cannibal Apocalypse, this film had a few playdates here and there through The US before moving into VHS Land.


9-14-84 – Make them Die Slowly surprisingly showed up in Toledo!


Akron, 5-3-85 – Get ready for this classic show of pure Last Run Drive In EuroHorror fun including a re-release of Dario Argento’s classic Bird With the Crystal Plumage! All of this was presented by the legendary 21’st Century.

9-27-87 – Ending this with another Three Houses of Hell that was not the legendary Drive In package with Last House on the Left, but instead three different, and arguably stronger, films. House on the Edge of the Park is seriously one to see!


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