Sinful 60’s Cinema in LA, The Early Years – Part One, Post Three – 1963 (and Dec. 1962)

2-8-63, Los Angeles – the Apollo would turn into an Adult Moviehouse that would try to compete with the Pussycat Chain, of which the nearby Sunset was a part of, but wound up a B-Level screen although with some great films from time to time.

Here’s some classic 1963 ads from the Los Angeles area that pre-dated the Nudie rush of 65-66 that tried to establish some theaters as Arthouses, of which the Lou Sher-owned Cinema seriously was. In the end, they were a group of theaters which played the sordid stories, torrid tales, and sometimes sick flicks that were always Adult. While some would continue into the Porno era and maybe join the Pussycat chain or tread water with the lower-grade fare (which sometimes was more interesting in it’s rawness), the movies of their early years in business were serious Exploitation that mainly played “Those Places” across the country where the Over-18 set could watch something more spicy. Many of these chart the days of the HG Lewis-David F. Friedman Nudie era as well as the start of Olympic International.


2-15-63 – The Apollo Arts showing No Morals, Vice Dolls, and Soho Strip. Vice Dolls was a release through William Mishkin, who would later achieve success with Andy Milligans Roughies in New York among other films (Fight for Your Life starring William Sanderson was one of their films in the Late 70’s). As evidenced in Part One, No Morals proved to be a film to replay with it’s showing in 1965.


1-7-63 – The Apollo showing a double of The Festival Girls and the classic Peeping Tom which had some problems playing through the US Cinema landscape and winding up at the Adult/Art cinemas.

4-12-63 – The Town was best known as the theater that turned into the first Pussycat, but it was seriously not a change in the program by that time. the Vista would turn into one of the Continental Theaters, one of the several small chains in the Porno era. Once again, Vice Dolls found a screen to play, this time with The Festival Girls, presented by Olympic International.

la-4-3-63-lewis-lyric4-3-63, a piece of Pre-Pussycat Miranda Movie theater history, this time with one of HG Lewis’ Nudie Cuties.


4-12-63- The Lyric and Sunset offered a Weekend Vacation giveaway or $100 for a while, which brought in more customers. I wonder about that “Ranch”, but maybe it’s best to leave it a mystery for now at least. This was a pairing of a Nudist Colony film (offered through Something Weird Video now) and a serious Boxing Drama aimed at over-18 males.


3-15-63 – West End Jungle was a Stanley Long film from the UK focusing on prostitutes. Both films were released by Atlantic Pictures in the US, not to be confused with a company of almost the same name from the 70’s-80’s.

5-3-63 – HG Lewis strikes again in LA with “Babes in the Woods” – better known as Goldilocks and The Three Bares. If you missed Festival Girls at the Apollo, Vista, or the Town, then you could have another chance to catch it at the Paris. More on the Paris’ interesting line-up of films in the Late 60’s soon. the preview was Bill Teas’ ill-fated follow-up to Russ Meyer’s The Immoral Mr. Teas which seriously was NOT the 1959 classic, but instead was a William Mishkin-released movie that has a little success. Brandy Long would appear in the better known Not Tonight Henry.


11-2-62 – LUCKY PIERRE?!!! Yes, Lucy Pierre played at the Lyric, which was already enjoying some success with the Nudie crowd. the Lewis/Friedman flick possibly started it’s theatrical run back in Feb. 1962 in Toledo at the Gayety.

6-1-63 – The Case of Patty Smith found a screen in LA at the Sunset! This serious flick about Abortion found it’s way to fans of Something Weird Video. If you have not seen it, try to do so soon as it is a good one!


4-5-63 – The Monica International shortened it’s name to just Monica by 1962-3. It would play many great films and would turn into a Pussycat Theater in the Early 70’s.

8-2-63 – the Monica showing the film that turned Jayne Mansfield into an Adult Theater star. More on this planned for a future article.

12-7-62 – Closing up this post with a couple of Bob Cresse-related flicks, the first ad was from the Vista. Once Upon a Knight was your standard Nudie flick although this one was written by Cresse about a detective looking for an art thief who was allergic to naked women (cue silly bits of naked women and a guy sneezing…). Chained for Life was the Drama starring Siamese Twins Violet and Daisy Hilton promoted with a more spicy campaign almost suggesting a B&D film when it was only just a light flick with a Exploitation element thrown in based a little on their lives.

12-7-62 – The real start of Olympic International – A Lee Frost film co-starring Bob Cresse in his comedic era that was best represented by House on Bare Mountain, but everyone has to start somewhere!

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