HG Lewis Ad Spotting Update! She Devils on Wheels, This Stuff’ll Kill Ya, and The Wizard of Gore/Gore Gore Girls

akron-9-5-69-satan-she-devils9-5-69, Akron – A serious Double Feature Win!

It’s time for another update in this blog’s HG Lewis history.

The appearances of HG Lewis’ She Devils on Wheels were numerous through 1968 to 1971 when the Biker Flicks were popular. A previous post about it’s showings showed that it played with a lot of great films including Born Losers and even Switchblade Sisters, and this only add to the proof that it had what it took to ride with the big hits of the day,


1-10-69, Louisville area with a New Albany, Indiana show


3-19-71, Indianapolis – Not only did the She Devils appear in the area, but another HG Lewis film also was around…


This Stuff’ll Kill Ya is a tough one to find, but it’s always great to see some real ads floating around instead of the word-only mentions. Even better is when it plays with movies that go perfect with it.


4-8-77, Longview, TX – Another sighting of The Gore Gore Girls with the advertising for The Vampire’s Night Orgy and Count Dracula’s Great Love. Must have been some Sub-Distributor ad or something like that as this was also spotted in New Mexico (ad from 4-13-77)


~ by screen13 on September 21, 2016.

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