7 Doors of Death – Screen 13’s Time Travel Part Two

4-27-84, Los Angeles


The chopped, diced, and sliced US release of Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond might have disappointed the fans who were expecting a flood of the red stuff when they only had a bath, but at least those who dug the wilder stuff had a chance to see it if they were lucky to be in an area where it played. For me, I was too young to go out on my own, so the Toledo Drive In showing was out of the question and it was not playing in Detroit (I lived far away from the good places that might have let me in anyways and I don’t think my parents would have even accompanied me…), so catching this on the big screen was not going to happen. While the wait to see the real deal was worth it, I still would have to been there in 1984 at some theater hearing the audience talk back and having some fun watching and sometimes being shocked by it.


5-18-84, Greenville, SC

The Augusta Road DI had the show for the win!

9-18-84, Louisville – The South Park DI with Women in Cell Block 7!!! CB7 was another Aquarius release while The Day After Halloween (originally titled Snapshot in Australia and first re-titled as One More Minute in the US before this release) was unleashed through Group 1.

10-12-84, Bloomington, Illinois

I hope to see more ads soon, but this should give you a good look at how this film played in it’s Us Theatrical run.


~ by screen13 on September 21, 2016.

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