The Sadist (1963) – Screen 13’s Time Travel Part 2


Us Movie-Ghoulie-Goodies are caught in the trap of The Sadist…the film, that is! The continuing journey of The Sadist continues with a few stunning shows and promotions that sold the film to Drive-In customers across the US in it’s first couple of years in release. No time to waste, let’s roll!!!


6-30-63, Louisville – A classic pre-show ad that sold the film. I hope that you don’t get those eyes in a nightmare after trying the instructions in the ad!


6-31-63. Louisville, with a meet and greet with Helen Hovey, the School Teacher you wished you had! Wonder what happened to her…


7-2-63, Louisville – with a fourth feature in replacement for the meet and greet, but it was Bardot, so it was all right!


9-8-63, Colorado Springs – In some areas, The Sadist was promoted with “The Killer Kook” line, although Arch Hall, Jr.’s classic performance did not need any extra words to let you know that this was one scary man on the run. I wonder if the “peeing tom” bit was inspired by the great Michael Powell film that was a shocking talked-about flick that was a small hit in the US on the Exploitation and “Art House” circuits as he was a sadist of the artful kind which was 180 different to Charlie, but still effective.



11-1-63, Lansing – Hands down, this was the perfect pairing with two of Arch Hall, Jr.’s best performances, as shown in Detroit, PLUS The 300 Spartans! True, the 20’th Century Fox flick had dibs on being shown twice, but at least Michigan’s capital had the chance to see The Sadist on the big outdoor screen.



11-6-63, Akron – “Impact Picture” is right! This is seriously a classic set of flicks in one of my favorite areas of research on the map, and not just because Akron had a scene of great bands. In true Akron Drive In tradition, the show was well-promoted with an excellent B-show, although you could say that Ring of Terror would be the moment when the action was happening in the cars!


12-1-63, Harlingen, Texas – Maybe not the most exciting promotion, but the show still rocked!


2-16-64, Anniston, Alabama – David F. Friedman’s hometown was with a lot of classic Exploitation shows up to the Mid 80’s, and it was a give that The Sadist made a stop.

It’s B…



4-8-64, Wilmington, Delaware area


7-12-64, Pittsburgh – Time for some fun to lighten up the party, and Eegah! is a perfect way to do ti! It’s another Arch Hall, Jr. double feature, and while Eegah! might not be in the league as Wild Guitar or The Sadist, it’s still a good flick to waste time with.


1-21-71, Detroit – In the aftermath of the Hippie era, 1971 was a time to deal with the darker side of reality once again, and in Exploitation-Land that meant business! Cinemation re-released The Sadist under the title of Sweet Baby Charlie possibly as a way to cash in the Charles Manson case and a play on words of Sweet baby James, James Taylor’s major hit album of 1970. Ending this trip where I started in Detroit, this re-issue hit the Grand Circus with The Real Gone Girls, sometimes known as The Man from O.R,G.Y., to liven up the mood.

With this trip ending in the Motor City for now, I hope to get some more showings and stories.


~ by screen13 on September 17, 2016.

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