Sinful Cinema in LA, Part One, Post Two – More Hot Spots of the Classic Era






While the Pussycat was growing up to be the Tiger of the LA Adult Movie scene, others were already running strong. The Sunset, Lyric, and Movie were often joining forces as a n unholy trinity of Adult flicks in the Los Angeles area, one that might have started with Cresse’s Teaser classic “Mondo”. The Lyric was on the north/Huntington Beach side of the city line with Walnut Park just below it, and the Movie was close to San Pedro Bay on Ocean in Long Beach south of Compton. As evidenced by the Letter portion of Bob Cresse’s brilliant ad for the premiere of Mondo Freudo, the Park in the Canouga Park district  next to Simi Valley would also join in for what was the biggest group of screens in the area.

Walnut Properties was growing through the Los Angeles area and it was only back in  1963 when the Lyric and Sunset were teamed together in ads…more on that later.

More history after this look at Joe Sarno’s Flesh and Lace.


1-22-65, a classic double bill!


3-3-67 – The Cinema was the serious legend of Art Cinema in the Los Angeles area, and part of the influential Lou Sher chain of theaters (which I think included the Westwood in my part of the map in Toledo!). The Cinema was near the Los Feliz district in LA and was an important center of daring films that were usually critically acclaimed in the Pre-Porn days. Advertised here was the classic Japanese film presented by Joseph Green in the US which possibly sparked Bob Cresse to find darker and sleazier examples of the scene for Olympic International.


7-13-59, The Monica was once known as the Monica International and would later turn into a Pussycat theater and then later as Studs at the Pussycat Theater. It’s reportedly still open as a 4-screen theater. Located in West Hollywood, this was one of the many places to go for these films.




4-29-66 – The Apollo Arts was not as respected as Sher’s theater, but it looked like it tried to stay in the Art Zone before turning into one of the second level Adult theaters that joined up forces with a couple of storefronts and smaller sin-emas. This was located near the Sunset that knew it would not be as well-known as the Pussycat owned theater, but it would bring on the sleaze from the Late 60’s and after.


5-13-66 – The Rialto in Downtown LA was one of the cinemas that dared to play the more edgier movies of the day, but would join up with the Apollo Arts when it turned to Late 60’s Sexploitation later on.


4-1-66 – Let’s not forget the Paris, next to PJs (later the Starwood), more on that later!

Other things to do today has made me wrap up this pos, but I will be back with some more Sinful Cinema memories from LA soon.

Jay Allen Sandford’s classic look at the Pussycat Theaters is something you seriously should read. It’s in the links list. Without this, I would just be rambling and guessing even more.


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