State of the Screen, plus 4-27-84 LA ads



To those wondering what’s new, things have been going well and almost ready to return to regular Blogging ASAP. There has been a LOT of new additions to the information which have formed a wilder story than before, and one that even connects to my own history of growing up as a Video Kid as well. These 4-27-84 ads from LA form a kind of proof that things were headed to the Video Machine (Lucio Fulci’s the Beyond being a classic Video Rental after it’s “Tour” of theaters…more on that later) or the Cable Box (Another State of Mind – USA Network…more later). Kind of crazy coincidence, but it happened that way.

Plus, my musical Ghost Mall is about to re-open once again. Stay Tuned

Keep Kicking Out the Jams!


~ by screen13 on August 31, 2016.

One Response to “State of the Screen, plus 4-27-84 LA ads”

  1. Funny how Henkel is noted for TCM and Hooper for Poltergeist.

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