Eugenie …Screen 13’s Continued Journey into It’s Sexy Advertising, Part 2

11-13-70, Lowell Mass.

Here’s an update of my continued interest in Jess Franco’s classic of sleaze featuring Marie Liljedahl. More ads have appeared in my research during the last few months, each one a gem. To slightly recap, Eugenie was one of two film under National General’s Distinction Pictures line with the other being Max Ahlberg’s Nana. In it’s US run, it played a number of screens including the very few mainstream screens that were adventurous, a few places that were trying to find a spot in The 70’s with more Adult fare before Porn took over, and some Drive Ins. Possibly knowing it’s alternative appeal, it first played with The Boys in the Band, a release by National General Pictures itself (All Neat in Black Stockings was also another of it’s releases), and then was paired off with Nana for a double feature that played here and there for a couple of years.

In Des Moines, it played the area’s Porno screen…you can find that in Part One!


11-13-70, Wilmington, Del.


2-17-71 – Although to the onlooker, this is a disappointing ad, but it was from Detroit which makes me at least happy that it played my area of the States. The sad thing was that the three indoor theaters listed all were long gone by the the Late 70’s. Art Weisburg Managed the Palmer Park since the 1950’s and later went onto turn the UA/Downtown and the Summit as Adult/Exploitation/Softcore places in the Downtown Detroit area starting around this time.


9-8-72, Ottawa – A classic showing at The Mall, a theater that left us behind around 1974 when Hardcore took over the city in an area close to it. The B is a very rare find.

Connecting this with the ongoing look at the Censored Titles of Shame, now is the time for a couple of repeats.


9-18-70, Chicago – This ad “Skirts” the issue and tones the perversion down to wickedness!


1-22-71 – With the recent ongoing interest in ad censorship, this should be a repeat. Kind of reminds me of the Fuego trailer – a block reading “See it all in Fuego!” covered up the more spicy bits.


1-22-71 – This San Antonio ad made Eugenie look like a T-Shirt Night contestant (who would win!). So, is this her journey into Surfing (Endless Eugenie)?

A few more recent finds before winding this down…


11-6-70, Rochester, NY


11-13-70, York, PA


10-8-71, Claymont, PA


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