Censored Titles of Shame, the Return that Goes Amok!

4-25-70, Louisville – NOT a film about The MC5, either. It’s Andy Milligan’s Filthy Five.

It’s time for another round of censored movie titles of shame. Thanks for digging the first post of this series that looks into the crazy newspaper censorship of the day when all things “Naked”, “Filthy”, and those three letter words starting with S that will send you to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks (There’s an early Saturday Night Live reference for you!) that were subject to the newspaper’s censorship. Today, I can imagine that these film releases would not even be any part of the reported US mainstream and shunned to the margins in an out-of-sight-out-of-mind way, so you can say that in the past they had some guts to say that they were playing at a theater.

NOTE: Some of these titles were actually printed in full in the listings, but they knew that the eyes were more attracted to the pictures enough just to cut the titles that connected with the visuals.


1-23-70, Cincinnati – Doe, a Deer indeed. Newspaper censorship extended to those Art Films with the risky titles, too. This was an ad for Claude Chabrol’s highly acclaimed Les Bitches. released in The US by Exploitation legend Jack H Harris. By the Late 70’s, the word “Bitch” could not be escaped thanks to songs by The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Nazareth, and Rod Stewart. The title was not censored much, but Cincinnati was a rare case.


2-9-68, Amarillo – It’s not unusual that HG Lewis faced many censored titles through his career as his Nudies with David F. Friedman and even his 1969 releases and the Blood Trilogy faced it from time to time. The topical The Girl, the Body, and the Pill had it’s “Body” cut out of the title this time from a ad mat that was not as used much.


6-5-70, Cincinnati – The Imperial was one of the area’s Adult Burlesque Houses which showed the spicy stuff you did not take the family to. Here, this program is bought to you by the letter R, and I don’t mean the rating…possibly The Ravager, a controversial flick that pre-dated Forced Entry which was playing the circuit since the start of the year.


5-22-64, Chicago – Orgy at Lil’s Place was a title that was naturally censored, but at least this Capri showing let you know that “It’s Wild” (for 1964 standards, at least).


6-9-67, St. Louis – Sex turns Sick and the censors are OK with that.


3-28-68, Anniston – You already know why this is a little ironic. A killer cat combo!


7-7-65, Detroit – Smut turned into a less-icky “Grim” for this showing.


3-16-66, Fresno – Sin turns into Play…I agree, same definition, but censors will be censors!

2-12-75, Detroit – In an area already troubled by do-gooders against Adult films, that three letter word starting with S meant trouble, especially when it played at “those places” – The Mel being a neighborhood theater that turned to Porn at the turn of the decade.

Now to the star of the post, Dinos Dimopolous’ 1963 film Amok starring Floretta Zana which was released in 1965 in The US by Zenith International Films as The Rape, a sordid tale of 10 women who broke out of prison who hide out on an island only to meet up with 7 men (an Ex-Nazi is the leader) who have their sights on the escaped convicts who revolt at the end. Since it’s on YouTube on some channels, it’s easy to find. This one has the proper look (others have that Hi-Def presentation that squashes the bodies a bit…), in Greek.


9-2 and 11-4-66, Chicago – The Rape was a controversial Greek film which got subjected to many title alterations, but Chicago’s was the most jaw dropping by actually adding on “Of Lucrece” to make it sound like it was the Shakespeare story! Far from it!


9-9-66, Lubbock – This ad changed it to The Hunt


6-22-66, St. Louis – This showing at another notorious Drive In was more specific.


10-22-65, Detroit – This ad went for the description approach.


4-9-66, San Antonio – Going “All the way” with this one! The censored block was a regular sight without the seriously hot image.


1-3-69, El Paso – …which was used in this ad for the Drive In that was forced to close up in a few months.


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