Love Camp 27, aka Living Nightmare – Group 1’s Nazi Exploitation Release, 1977

4-29-77, Akron

Nazi Love Camp 27 was one of the very few films of the short list of Italian Nazi Exploitation films to have seen a US release. Released Stateside by Group 1 and starring the lovely Sirpa Lane, the ads to this film were perhaps the most shocking for many newspapers to publish in 1977, but that only made those like us interested to see the film which thankfully was one of the better examples of the genre. Some of the films it played with are classics, including this showing in Akron with the one and only Switchblade Sisters which resulted in a very fitting show – excellent Exploitation films led by strong performances by women who rise above the situation to provide great dramatics. Room of Chains was one of Group 1’s earliest releases that played for years.


5-20-77, Rochester, NY  – A censored ad that has the tagline covered up!


7-22-77, Terre Haute, Indiana – Another censored version of the ad.


9-9-77, Greenville, Miss. – the Showtown 2 had a lot of room for exploitation, and the replacement of Schoolgirls In Chains/Love Butcher with Nazi Love camp 27/the Runaway on one of it’s screens with the other being good Chop-Chop screen filler is proof.


9-23-77, St. Louis – A more bare version of the ad!


10-9-77, Detroit – As normal, the Northgate had the In-Theater play. The cinema, located next to the Time Zone Arcade in the Hazel Park area, was notable for playing many Exploitation films in the Metro Detroit area. Slightly unusual for the Detroit Free Press, who shunned X-Rated ads since 1972, it ran the more bare version with the title covering up the body.


11-20-78, Chicago – It had a “Brief” Drive In showing (ouch!)


5-16-80, Wilmington, Delaware, as Living Nightmare playing with Massacre at Redneck County (Poor Pretty Eddie). Living Nightmare played with Maniac Mansion/Amuck in 1982 in Detroit.


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