The Slave, an Olympic International Films Release

7-12-68. Lake Worth, Florida with Unholy Matrimony

The Slave was Max Pecas’ sexy Crime Drama that was released in The US through Olympic International which had some success on the Adult circuit with a series of excellent ads. Although most of Bob Cresse’s releases are really for those with a taste in the perverse like the author of this blog (to those asking, Olympic International was the company that unleashed the Reichsploitation classic Love Camp 7), this was something that could actually be considered something more on the sleazy and sophisticated side that still had an edge. With a story written by Jean-Patrick Manchette (who’s the Prone Gunman turned into a film starring Sean Penn and who also wrote The Nada Gang which turned into a respected film and also the story to Pecas’ Torment as well as Jean-Pierre Bastid’s Little Girls, which was also an Olympic International film!) and starring Vera Valmont, Sylvie Coste, and Marie-Christine Weill, this was promoted with style…a sordid European Sin Street style, but it’s kind of style that’s timeless.


5-31-67, Detroit


4-7-67, San Antonio – The Prince would close up circa 1969.


4-28-67, Pasadena, California


8-18-67, Albuquerque – The Guild will turn into a revival theater by The 70’s


12-8-67, Pussycat Theaters, California with another Pecas film, Heat of Midnight. A clever “Fall of society” ad used to bring in the audience who knew that all they were selling was classy Sexploitation.


1-28-68, San Antonio, this time at the Lackland DI!


3-8-68, Corpus Christi at the Twin Palms North Screen playing with Barry Mahon’s Fanny Hill Meets Dr. Erotico with a nice slim-line ad.


3-19-68, Wilmington, Delaware – An Olympic International double bill.


7-8-68, Lubbock. TX – Something Weird Video fans get happy! This one played with the infamous jaw-dropping She Mob at the Continental Cinema!


7-25-69, Odessa, Texas


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