Tales From the Last Run Drive In 2

Akron, 8-9-83 – Still wondering what House of Shame and Girls in Bondage were, but I’m still digging for more information. they also appeared in Detroit around that time, too. Still, Stateline Motel, Young Seducers (a film that was STILL playing by 1984…more later), and the cheesy sex comedy took the viewer back to 1979.

Here’s more classic ads from 1976 to 1986 featuring Sleaze, Tease, Gore Galore, and classic Exploitation usually re-titled, picked up by another company, and re-promoted through the Drive Ins in a decade that saw many tone down or just simply close up. To be truthful, some of the DIs on display had a long life in the business like the Gala Drive In in Akron which closed in 1997 , but they were those that still kept faithful to filling up the screens with what made them the Passion Pits and places where the independent released films would make their way from time to time. These films were already making their way to the VHS bins by the Mid 80’s, but they deserved to be seen on the big ozoner screen in a way that might have made you wonder if it was going to be the last time you would ever see it that way.


4-13-77, Clovis New Mexico – Two incredible HG Lewis films promoted with the art from the ad of The Vampire’s Night Orgy and Count Dracula’s Great Love.


11-5-82, Hendersonville – Before MPM focused on original releases and classic pick-ups of great Italian Horror flicks, it had a collection of older films being marketed under different titles which usually were of another time and place by the time these familiar titles were moving from DI to DI.
The program as was follows…
1978’s Surfer Girls
1975’s Swinging Barmaids
1971’s Stewardesses Report/Swinging Stewardesses (released Statesde by Hemisphere)
1976’s Trans-America release picked up by Jerry Gross


9-14-79, Louisville  – Another appearance of the re-titled and edited version of Deep Red plus worth Keeler’s not so impressive film but also with the atmospheric Lisa Lisa re-titled Axe by Boxoffice International


3-18-77, Brownwood, TX – What was known as the Camp Bowie Drive In and later to be called the Bluff View had a number of these shows for a while. 1973’s Pets was already a staple of Drive Ins that were willing to play these films, but The Secrets of Sweet Sixteen jumped up the sleaze factor for this showing. Thank you, Burbank International!


9-27-80, Toledo – I seriously want to have a few from the Glass City looking back at a time when I was too young to go to these shows alone and living with parents who did not like these films. The whole program was like many video nights later in the decade and had many variations from city to city.


Wilmington, Delaware, 5-16-80 – This was Group 1’s well played release of Poor Pretty Eddie, a pick up released in 1975 (and also given the AKA of Black Vengeance), and Love Camp #27 starring Sirpa Lane.


3-16-79, Albuquerque – You will be seeing more of the 66 in these collections. Here, it’s a re-release of a couple of Boxoffice International releases from the Mid 70’s, Caged Virgins being one of Jean Rollin’s great Horror flicks that showed a lot of eroticism. Caged… was also known as Virgins and Vampires as well.


7-4-80, Anniston, Alabama


8-25-78, Akron – Guessing time! It’s possibly a re-issue of Who’s Child am I? with a possible re-issue of Wedding Night.


10-30-78, Chicago area – Taking you on the Highway to Hell!


10-3-80, Dubuque, Iowa – The Super 20 was Ready, Willing, Bonded, Shamed, and Able!


7-15-77, Marion, Ill. – reportedly a release of the second Schoolgirl Report film unleashed Stateside in 1975 and still playing here and there by 1977.


2-11-77, Corpus Christi, TX – winding up this set with another appearance of Pets, this time with Schoolgirl Report 75,which was actually titled Schoolgirl Report 77 in other areas…but I don’t think anyone really took notice.

I plan to show these in a more organized posts, but this is part of a “Best Of” for those of you who stop by and love the madness around here.


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