Altered Titles of Shame! (Call Theater for Title)

12-19-69, Cincinnati – The ad that stripped the Naked off!

Time for another series, this time focusing on censored and forced title changes in the newspaper ads. You already know where this is going, so let the fun begin!!!


1-4-66, Danville – Come on, “Knock” it off!!!


10-5-66, Detroit – It’s alright to talk about the den, but not his “Mistress”! Gee! The fact that it’s a Mitam Production already tells you about the quality anyways!


11-23-66, Detroit – Yes, “Anna”, that is you! Take Me Naked seriously had some crazy censorship problems.


6-2-67, St Louis – Another title change to Take Out!


10-2-81, Akron – Taking out the Teenage from Teenage Tramp and not letting the public that the girls in feature #3 go to school! A lot of films that teased that way seriously got the treatment. But wait, there’s more!!!


5-1-81, Louisville – Independent-International’s re-issue of Loving Cousins had the temperature toned down in other cities.


6-11-71, Salt Lake City – Take our word for it…because the censor took ours!

I Drink Your Blood/I Eat Your Skin for those asking.


10-3-69, Detroit – Open Pit of Horror? Arm Pit of Horror? Oh BLOODY Hell, I give up!


2-20-69, Cincinnati – I hear you knocking, but you can’t come “In” Dixie, but you can wish to be her.


10-18-68, Akron – The answer to the question is Bite!

~ by screen13 on July 4, 2016.

One Response to “Altered Titles of Shame! (Call Theater for Title)”

  1. I love this stuff. I would love an entire book on this topic.

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