The Battle of the Young Draculas- Starring Ringo Starr

5-2-75, Reno

After Cinemation flopped with it’s big Rock Music gamble film with Son of Dracula, the film where Harry Nilsson proved that he was great as a singer but not so great as an actor, it decided to further it’s Tragical Misery Tour (one for the Rutles fans!) by giving it a new title influenced by Mel Brooks’ classic comedy Young Frankenstein and focusing on Ringo as the star. As Starr played a Wizard and not the Young Dracula as advertised in this second run, it was all down to good night and good reddens for this film.

Still. the ad was big and silly enough to catch the eye.


5-13-77, Albuquerque

But wait, there/s more! After Bryanston wold off the Distribution rights to it’s catalog after fading aaway in 1976, Central Park Films decided to re-title “Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein”/Blood for Dracula as Andy Warhol’s Young Dracula.

Hardly anyone saw either!


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