Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend/The Great American Girl Robbery (1978)


9-1-78, Phoenix


Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend is one of the films that make the last days of the Classic Exploitation scene more interesting to look into. With Bill Osco as Executive Producer, leading starlet Kristine DeBell keeping her clothes on while still looking sweet, plenty of breasts on sight from the other women, a kidnapping subplot, a bit of a mean spirited attitude which gives the films it’s own flavor, and the appearance of Leon Isaac Kennedy before his breakthrough in Penitentiary as the DJ forced to broadcast messages, title changes, and a Distribution from Dimension who was about to go out of business in a couple of years, this seriously is a mark of the Last Run Era.  Osco seriously could have just kept playing Flesh Gordon and never have done another film as it was playing coast to coast before it’s inevitable sell to video and Cable – at this time Flesh was playing with other 70’s Comedy hits like The Groove Tube in packages at Drive Ins and Downtown theaters – but his Alice in Wonderland with DeBell was another runaway hit with both X and R versions playing strongly alone or in a package with other similar films including The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio. This serious mainstream success where these films could be a part of the cinema scene after his string of Porno hits including the breakthrough Mona and other films like Virgin Runaway led him to continue his adventures.

…then The Late 70’s happened.


1-7-77, Browsville, Texas

In the mess surrounding the production of Flesh Gordon, Osco Produced Sweet, Mean, and Deadly in an attempt to earn money with a mainstream production while fighting battles to get his landmark Sex Comedy released. When it finally was released as Cop Killers, it seriously did not do the trick and had a few playdates here and there with a slightly misleading campaign featuring music that was not in the movie. Even by 1977, it was already dated and showed his weaknesses outside of the films he made his name on proving that not even a star billing with a hit film can save a sagging campaign for a film that would be reportedly be picked up by  Intercontinental Releasing Corporation in 1978.

Maybe if that music was edited into the film, it might have been so much better!

Facing a time when movies like these were starting to find fewer screens to play them at and many of them still sticking to the tried and true hits,  with  the classic The Cheerleaders given a re-release through Monarch after it picked it up from Cinemation and placed in packages with Revenge of the Cheerleaders, a title change to Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend only slightly gave it a boost in the marketplace. With so many films around and so few screens by that time, this was lucky to find some playdates in the next couple of years.  It’s distributor, Dimension, was fading away by 1979 later to see many of it’s films go to 21’st Century, but it promoted it the best it could through 1979-80, with Kennedy’s blockbuster hit film Penitentiary providing more commercial clout.



8-31-79, Louisville – this seriously is my favorite showing of Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend, mainly due to it’s pairing with the classic Rock and Roll High School, advertised here under Rock ‘n’ Roll High with no mention of The Ramones (which sadly was a common sight in it’s first runs). Playing it with two good screen fillers made it an all-night show worth hanging out at.


6-20-80, Akron



7-10-80, Logansport, IN, for two days only!



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