Cannibal Holocaust – A 1986 Showing in Claymont, Delaware


9-19-86 was a time when the Summer blockbusters like Stand By Me and The Fly were moving onto their final first run performances, Shanghai Surprise was struggling to make any impression anywhere, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was still getting news over it’s ratings controversy, and Howard the Duck was already in the lists of the worst movies ever, but also a time when the few Horror fans who were in the know were still talking about Cannibal Holocaust and Claymont, Delaware was going to know what the small talk was about. The Ruggero Deodato film that has been loved, hated, and debated about had it’s share of fame in some areas and filled with a very controversial history in it’s production and it’s release in 1980 that’s already known to fans everywhere although the decline in Exploitation cinema through the Early 80’s in The US proved to be a major hurdle for unleashing the film Stateside. In June 1985, it made it’s small American release mark in New York City with a bit of 42’nd Street fanfare and little else and actually touched Woodbridge, NJ, but the Trans-American Film release which actually had major distribution in areas like Europe and Japan was that movie which had a hard road to ride on in order to get any kind of US theatrical playdates outside of that after battling the MPAA over the X rating and facing a lot of distribution troubles in a time when the majors were taking over almost every corner and the screens that still played independently-released product were fewer in number than ever.

Still, after finding this gem of an ad, I’m convinced that there are maybe possibly a few more playdates in the US, but I’m not getting any hopes up. With a bit of irony and maybe surprise, the Eric Tri-State Mall 5 was the theater to get it for a week a year and a couple of months after it’s first showing in New York. Looking at the Blue Velvet ad below that, I’m sure some of you will imagine spending a weekend with bleak classics of cinema.



6-14-85, Woodbridge, NJ, your WTF movie listing is right here. Imagine a multiplex programming something like Cannibal Holocaust on one screen and The Care Bares Movie on another today.


~ by screen13 on May 9, 2016.

2 Responses to “Cannibal Holocaust – A 1986 Showing in Claymont, Delaware”

  1. When wandering into the wrong theater yields to most hilarious results!

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