Taxi Driver, Snuff, and Patty – New York City, Feb. 1976


2-9-76, New York City, Village Voice


2-9-76, a couple of pages later.



Through my research, I have seen weeks of incredible intensity and hilarious ironic ad placements, but looking through a couple of issues of the Village Voice from Feb.1976 seriously rocked The Scene’s never ending search.

Taxi Driver’s appearance in the movie scene is well-known and celebrated, but unless one dives into some serious research, the findings of Snuff and Patty playing in the same month as Martin Scorsese’s classic add the jaw-dropping factor bringing you into a serious time in New York’s always interesting cinema history.

Taxi Driver went onto to be one of the iconic films of  The 70’s as it played everywhere and beyond, remaining a potent work that should be seen by everyone who reads this Blog.

Snuff, the infamous re-release of Michael Findlay’s The Slaughter bought up by Monarch with an added on ending that tried to shock the audience into thinking that it was an actual Snuff film, faced a lot of controversy in it’s initial run, but would later be inserted into B slots without much notice after a while. Following on rumors of Snuff movie making, Allan Shakleton took the hardly-played Findlay film and hyped things up for all that it was worth, turning into one of the last well-reported WTF news story of the classic Exploitation era in a “How are you going to top THIS?!!!” style. Some were fooled, but many were not convinced, although you can say that the more ran down the theater, the more the film worked on it’s own.


1-23-76, High Point, NC (reportedly, it also played SC as well…). Reportedly, Snuff first played in the Carolinas.


4-2-76, Detroit first run ad, only in the Free Press as the News rejected all X Rated ads (although it was in the listings)

Image (30)

In Detroit, Snuff played two times in 1976, one  in April and the other in October. The later of the two advertised it as a fake R. The first showing was for three weeks!


12-3-76 – This amusing ad from Toledo shows the presence of the film at the Greenwood Cine, a double screen theater in a small mall on the corner of Lewis and Alexis in the North Side (a little South of the state line). On the other screen was one of the many attempts at G-Rated fare in the Wilderness Family! The theater closed around 1988, and the building is now used for a flea market (in what turned into Food Town some time before), an Ollies, ad a couple of other places.


5-13-77, Albuquerque


8-5-77, a serious hard Exploitation triple play at the Texas featuring Snuff and The Slasher together without much controversy.

Bob Roberts’ second True Crime Exploitation epic following 1971’s Sweet Saviour was reportedly forced out of play as the trail of Parry Hearst was still going on, but that did not stop the film from playing in other areas after the event.

11-2-77, Detroit and Suburbs. The 6 Mile was a part of the Woods-Six/Highland Park area.


7-30-76, Chicago


11-25-77, Youngstown


10-21-78, Youngstown


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