Sin and Sleaze in the Rubber City Part 1


3-24-61  – The Astor in Akron featuring a showing of Peter De Cenze’s Hypnotism Confidential. It’s sad that this flick is rare or lost because this looks pretty good! Formally the Allen Theater, the Astor turned into the city’s sin palace in Late 1960 (Guessing Nov.). It’s main competitor at the time was the Art, which showed the hot imports and serious flicks – both would turn Porno by the Mid-Late 70’s.

Besides having a great place in music history, Akron, OH and it’s outlining areas had some notable screens that were exploitation-ready through the years, especially the 1960’s all the way into 1985, the last year I think that the Gala Twin  Drive In was hosting the X-Rated stuff. No need to go into details right now except for the fact that  most of these are updates to already-exiting articles. Just sit back and enjoy!


 7-1-77 – While CB sets were given away at the Gala for it’s showing of The Teasers, the Screen 13 favorite Last Stop in the Night Train showing as Last House-Part 2 was at three screens.


4-21-78 – In my opinion, this ad for “New House on the Left” is the best. It’s another title for Last Stop on the Night Train!


6-10-66 – Another spotting of the Ed Wood-written Shotgun Wedding sandwiched between two Russ Meyer classics!!! Faster Pussycat… and Motor Psycho was a well-played double bill in many areas, including Toledo.


11-1-68 – I have some more information about both Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and She Devils on Wheels in Detroit, but that’s for later…stay tuned!!


8-9-67 – If you have not seen A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine, you should try to correct that soon! It’s a serious definition of 60’s sleaze!

Walker’s first starring film was over at the Forum as the B to Circle of Love.


6-12-66 – The classic Roughie had a one-week showing at the Astor. The Defilers was a 1965 film that played here and there for years!


4-7-78. The Gala Twin was already in super Sleaze mode, and nothing says that better than showing a couple of older Adult flick on Screen 2 and a Jess Franco class-SICK WIP film on the main screen.


11-3-78 – Barbed Wire Dolls returned, this time as the B to SS Girls, released by Topar. This was a film by Bruno Mattei, best known for Hell of the Living Dead, The Other Hell, and Rats: Night of Terror along with a couple of WIP films of his own including Women’s Prison Massacre. By 1986, the Gala had turned into a place where the cooler mainstream shows were airing to keep the place open until around 1993, but the Late 70’s was a time when many DIs were in this mode.


10-6-78 – This re-issue of Sign of Aquarius (or was that Re-Re-issue counting the very short lived incarnation as Love Commune) was playing in through as many areas as possible through 1978 including Detroit! A great definition of Last Run cinema.





These Joseph Brenner-released Double Bills were classic shows of the Late 70’s. Every city should have had them.

I seriously hope that this is winding you up with a few ads to warm you up for some interesting articles to come . these might re-appear in the future in more appropriate places, but I seriously wanted to show you a random choice of ads from the Rubber City to show you why I’m doing more research on it.


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