Random Classic Sleaze


5-18-71, Indianapolis

Welcome to another small collection of ads that I want to share with you tonight without rhyme or reason, but with a few You Tubes to make the journey more interesting.

For many years I have been wondering where this double bill of the over the top Drug Scare/Sex Scare epic the Hard Road and Bleep showed and a least I found one answer. Bleep is AKA Teenage Tease, directed by Actor Richard Erdman.


11-3-71, Detroit – The small ad to the showing of Daughters of Darkness and something called Next! was something that sparked my interest as the main feature was the slightly played US release of Sergio Martino’s The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh released by Maron.



4-1-77, Louisville – The small wave of Manson Exploitation films sparked a few tasteless triple bills which seriously are a mark of the “Last Run” era along with Russ Meyer’s classic and one of the first class-sicks of the genre . Made in 1970 but having a long time to get released, The Other Side of Madness was a Production of Wade Williams made when the trail of the Manson Family was still on. complete with Manson’s recording of “Mechanical Man” and very fitting background music by Sean Bonniwell of the Music Machine including the instrumental take of “Dark White”



4-9-76, Louisville – The ads for this X-Rated Drive In would shrink down by the next year, but for a while they were allowed to be loud and proud. The Scene takes delight in showing you the ad with Hard Gore and a nice drawing with a woman in thigh boots!



Both of these are from 10-7-77, Louisville


8-29-70, Danville, VW – The Girls from Thunder Strip played a lot of Drive Ins through the Early 70’s, but this is one of the more impressive ads I have seen!


1-3 and 1-10-73, this Warren, MI programmed the two films of Distinction’s catalog on different weeks, resulting in some classic shows for the beginning of the year!


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