Blood Suckers/Blood Thirst – Part Two: Blood Thirst and 1972 Playdates


Blood Thirst, Directed by Newt Arnold (who’s career as an Assistant Director has spanned a wide rage of films!) is one of those flicks that not be highly valued by many, but has it’s charms to those looking for something perfect for viewing at 2AM. Being in Black and White, it was discarded in some markets that wanted all color films, but catching it in a Drive In or second run theater would have been a kick anyways. It’s also the “Second Feature” on the Something Weird Video disc released in 2001…damn, time flies!

Today, it’s also found on a disc released by Vinegar Syndrome along with The Thirsty Dead.

Maybe I have been warped by watching those hard-to-find movies on WGPR at 4AM back in the Early 80’s – an era that had one of Jess Franco’s Red Lips films appear at one time – but I kind of like it.


Being a true to form groovy ghoul flick, the story is simple – A series of murders is about to be investigated with the help of a Sex-Crime specialist (Robert Winston), brought into the Philippines as he’s a friend of the local inspector (Vic Diaz!) as these look a little kinky beyond the norm. With a monster roaming loose and a sexy belly dancer named Serena providing the entertainment, you know that something is up Bathory style once you put the pieces together. Yvonne Nielson is true eye candy, Katherine Henryk is the inspector’s Daughter who’s the interest of the specialist and the monster is cool. Nothing to read into, as it is a 1965-made screen filler for some reason not released until 1971, and nothing too “exciting” for those looking for harder thrills, but those wanting a nice little talkative “BOO!” with some nice gore for 1965 and some slightly kinky bits might want to give it a try.




Certainly NOT the reception on opening night!




Now it’s time for the main event of Part Two…the ads!

In 1972, this double feature played a number of markets with some very amusing promotions. Sadly, no rings were on offer, but a lot of fun. The best of these showings was part of what was called “The Festival of the Undead” featuring the two films with Death by Invitation and some classic Roadshow style greatness.


6-14-72, Louisville


9-15-72, St. Louis with an “Anti-Hex Coin”!


This 10-10-71 showing in Reno hinted at many of the other showings in the future with a fitting co-feature.


8-16-72, Cincinnati – the titles of the double feature with the House That Dripped Blood are hard to see (or possibly forgot to be put in), but they were playing!


4-1-72,  this North Carolina Drive In had a great Dario Argento film in it’s “Scream-0-Rama” show! the screen closed up shop in 2014, one of the few long-standing Drive Ins of America.

Some cool photos here…


7-2-72, El Paso – This only had Blood Suckers, but the class-sick double bill featuring Night of Bloody Horror is worth a mention!


2-25-72, Chester, PA – The double feature was added on to the main double bill which played at the RKO Stanley Warner State.


This was the original double at the indoor theater, but I can’t pass up any opportunity to post something about Flesh Feast, a real WTF flick that only bad film fiends understand.


Those in York, PA got the full show, too. You have to get some kind of business in February!


10-28-72, Paragon seriously had some flicks to but together for a full Halloween show!


1-5-73, Phoenix


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