Drive In Sleaze Memories at the Aggie, 1975-1976



It’s time for another round-up of Drive In sleaze, this time at the Aggie in Las Cruces, NM! Don’t ask what the * is for, maybe it’s to hint that the Adult stuff is there, but then again it was the time when most Drive Ins were showing the good stuff!

Reportedly, the site is a trailer park, but when it was around, the Aggie was what you would call one of the Late in the Game places where it had to go to the Exploitation and Sexploitation through the Late 70’s. They turned to more mainstream films by 1977, which was the secret to keeping the business alive until 1993, but it was still showing shows that worked well in the night time.






5-9-75, Here’s one of the few sighting of The Jezebels before it was known as Switchblade Sisters. It’s first runs were with The Swinging Cheerleaders.I still keep finding these ads!!!


8-7-75, “Hanging out” with The Girl Snatchers and Unkissed Bride. This clash featured what could be the 1969 film The Girl Grabbers with the 1966 flick Mother Goose a Go Go under it’s Unkissed Bride title.


6-4-76, Showing the made in 1969 Foursome with the rare Imported Young Lust flick Love Under Age.


11-26-76, a Donn Davison double bill!


10-1-76 – SERIOUSLY trying to find more info on The Dead End Dolls. It played a hell of a lot, especially with The Girls on Thunder Strip, but it’s still a lost flick.




11-5-76 – Not as wild as the ad, but still worth a peek.


11-14-75, While Vinegar Syndrome had the Massage Parlor Murders/Hookers, Mamas dirty Girls is one of those films you really have to look around to find on any video format.

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