Young Seducers On the Sinful 70’s Highway to Hell

Detroit, 5-2-73



 Welcome to The Sleazy Seventies, and I’m your guide on this Highway to Hell. You can throw an educational explanation by saying that this is a series dealing with the many title changes, campaigns, and ad lines of a genre that deeply defined the 70’s that these films can not be made today, but all I really have to say is that you’re at The Scene of Screen 13.

You can point to the Sleazemania trailer collection for getting me interested in this genre of sleaze with the trailer to this film which was one of the first to hit the US screens around the time of Maid in Sweden, Should a Schoolgirl Tell, and The School Girls. The Schoolgirl Report films, “Shocking” exposes, and other forms of sin-ema that made you wonder if you were going to get a First Class Ticket to Hell after seeing it (and you won’t care!) were all around, and to ignore them would be censoring a chapter of the classic Exploitation era. They were European, filled with the sights you wanted to see, and without any kind of shame – all the qualities that made them a bit exotic to the Stateside audiences for the first couple of years before these went to the ran down Drive Ins by the later part of the decade.

Most of these films were Distributed by Hemisphere, already on a roll with The Swinging Stewardesses after running the Blood Island films down to the ground and ready to take that next step down.


3-30-73 (Milwaukee) – Note the title change.

As this is Ingrid Steeger’s Birthday (she’s on the bottom left of the Milwaukee ad), I am reminded about one of the films which you could say is a highlight of this kind of this genre.

Young Seducers, a film Produced by Irwin C. Dietrich (refer to the Greta, the Mad Butcher post), played for years in The US including a Feb. 1984 showing at the Wayne Drive In…and I seriously triple checked that one! Due to the obvious reasons, this had to face several title alterations, ad changes, slight censorship of the ads, and different ad lines. All are very amusing to look at, and study.

I’ll get to Christina Lindburg’s landmark contribution to the genre (Maid in Sweden…OK, a lot of her movies!) later, as today it’s all about Ingrid’s.


4-7-73, Strasburg, OH


3-9-73, Milwaukee – a pre-first day ad with the original title.


Chicago, 5-18-73, known as The Young Temptresses.


5-18-73, New Windsor, NY – For those wanting to know that familiar looking C, it’s for Cinecom, a company that had Chevron Pictures (Ann and Eve, Blood Suckers) as well as Childhood Productions (imported films including Snow White which got played a lot at Children’s Matinees) as well as a number of theaters in mid-sized cities. The company would fold by very early 1974.


7-6-73, Pittsburgh


11-16-73, Youngstown


6-8-73, Beckley, WV


2-1-74, San Bernardino


6-7-74, Mansfield – “Kiddies Under 12 Free?!!!”


9-6-74, Anderson, IN – Rated R for Rare Entertainment!


10-2-74, Greenville, Miss.


Brownwood TX, 2-21-75


4-18-75, Troy, NY


10-10-75, Albuquerque – using the ad art from The Love Object!


10-15-76, Troy, NY


10-19-76, Terre Haute


6-3-77 – St. Joseph, MO – the show that got the Parkview in trouble.


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