Looking Through the Mondo Keyhole Again and Again and Again!


7-22-67, Detroit – A classic ad, and possibly the only time it was used!


Jack Hill and John Lamb’s  Mondo Keyhole is seriously a film that fitted brilliantly with the Roughie scene although it was certainly more than that. the advertising was so in-your-face that only a few newspapers took the gamble and printed the suggestive ads – including Detroit! The story centered around a rapist, there were kinks all around, and it seriously stood out from the norm of the day – and there were a lot of out-there classics!

Keep in mind that finding the more risk-taking ads was difficult, but worth it. Sometimes it  would be mentioned word-only in ads or with a visual not directly connected to the film.


2-28-68, El Paso


7-19-67, Detroit – Now that’s an ad! “Whipping” up interest.


10-11-68 – The return to the Detroit area, this time at the Hi-Land (as in Highland Park),  a place that was called the Paris for a while.


9-1-67, Pagedale, MO – It got the Drive In in trouble once again. The Olympic started off as a regular Drive In until things turned sexy by 1964. After that, it’s reputation and legend grew.


10-27-67, Shalimar, FLA – Even the most minimalist of advertising worked!


1-3-68, Detroit – Perfect with the Raw Ones for the hill/Lamb connection and Mitam’s Peddlers of Sin for it’s sordid topic.


~ by screen13 on April 2, 2016.

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