A Walk on the Something Weird Side – 1969


2-7-69, Abilene, TX – The Hooked Generation is a cool film Directed by William Grefe and featuring Jeremy Slate and Willie Pastrano with an over the top performance by John Davis Chandler as Acid. William Kerwin and Socrates Ballis are cameos to look out for as well. Cece Stone offers the eye candy on sight as the girlfriend of Steve Alaimo.


Today, I feel like just posting some random Weirdness tonight which should lead to a big project. The world of Something Weird Video has been one of my go-to places for this wild world of Exploitation research that has led me to find all kinds of places where these films played on a regular basis like the Detroit theaters that I have been featuring on my Detroit Timeline. A lot of it is on the “Rough” side, which remains a serious interest thanks to the movies including all kinds of harsh stories thrown in with the ticket sellers and legs, but that’s the way things go with my viewing.


9-12-69, Albuquerque, NM – So, what do people want? They want more! The Mini-Vue was part of a Sleaze chain that was mainly based in the Southwest from what I know (anyone else knowing of others, don’t hesitate to let us know!). This might have been the first in the Albuquerque area and with this being 1969, there was a lot of films that wound up in the world of Something Weird Video. I Want More was a fake Mondo flick showing people in stages of undress doing whatever it is they wanted to do in front of a camera with the highlight being a naked woman riding on a motorcycle in the house that was used in the first moments of The Trip in a very bad state about two years after Roger Corman set foot in it.


9-27-69 saw the Ed Wood written One Million AC/DC to the Mini Vue with the Mitam film The  House of Cats. Canyon was one of the many Californian based companies formed in the very early days of the X rating which made films strictly for the Over-18 Market and arguably this is it’s biggest hit featuring a number of familiar faces going about in Pre-Historic costumes with some witty lines every now and then.


10-15-69, El Paso – The Ramrodder was a presentation of David F.Friedman which featured future Bobby Beausoleil and Katherine Share long before things turned witchy for the two in 1969 plus Nudie Cutie favorite Marcha Jordan. As for Yellow Bird…Curious?, very little is known beyond reading about the presence of Uta Erickson, Rita Bennett, and Shelia Britt making this another East Coast happening. Sadly both the Trail and Studio 2  shut down after an investigation with the Trail being cited for various technical reasons while the newsstand at the Studio was being eyed upon.

Fans from the VHS days of Something Weird Video will remember Fireball Jungle, a film Produced by George Roberts (Sign of Aquarius/Ghetto Freaks). While notable for being Lon Chaney, Jr.’s final performance, this also included the hit single “Love Can Make You Happy” and a classic WTF club scene among the race car action.

12-5-69, Bridgeport, Connecticut
4-19-69, El Paso
3-21-69, Fresno
9-5-69, West Palm Beach
9-5-69, West Palm Beach
9-26-69, West Palm Beach

The Boulevard and Playboy (Later Play Toy by 1974) were places in the West Palm Beach area that featured a lot of Something Weirdness with the later featuring the Adult side.

the South DI in Pelham, NC was a hot spot for Weirdness just South of Danville, Virginia. Back in the day, it featured a wild mix of films ranging from the classic Isabel Sarli film all the way to Barry Mahon’s stuff with Sexploitation being the common thread which was the style of the Drive In since 1967.
The Lawrence in New Haven and the Majestic in Bridgeport, Conn. were among the grand theaters which turned into an Adult house by the end of the 60’s. There were plenty of reasons for this trend including the regular customers headed for the Suburban theaters, the majors no longer focusing on Downtown theaters for first-run films, and crazy mixed up nature of the business at the time which resulted in a lot of risk taking in the early days of X. Sadly, several of those closed by the Early to Mid 70’s.

With the Majestic, a Loews Theater, it was the case of both competition and a well-established Drive In. There was the tri-plex Showcase Cinemas for the Mainstream entertainment, the Nutmeg circuit’s Fine Arts offering sophisticated films in Westport (also Loews from what I heard…), and the Candlelight/Pix Drive In a far more perfect spot to watch Exploitation and Sexploitation. By 1971, the Majestic was closed. FRESNO4-11-69-MAHON






The Paris in Fresno, CA was one of the longer lasting Adult movie theaters in the area.


6-20-69 – The Pussycat circuit was already growing…more on this topic later!


11-7-69, High Point, NC – The Sexpoitation-driven Tar Heel was certainly “one of those places” for a while and would last into the Late 70’s (Early 80’s?).


7-27-69 – The Olympic Drive In in St. Louis lasted until around 1977 and was always the target of people wanting to shut it down.

7-18-69 – The World in St. Louis showing one of the legendary “Flesh Trilogy” films of Mike and Roberta Findlay.


6-6-69, San Bernardino – This Fine Arts was more with Exploitation…then again, I’m not complaining!


4-18-69 – One for the Alice in Acidland fans


9-8-69, the Lyric in Charleston, West Virginia showing a true classic of the genre. Fact: Aroused was a #1 film in Detroit!


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