Satan’s Sadists in Detroit and Toledo! Research Update


1-23-70 – One of the few showings of Satan’s Sadists that dared to put a film with Sharon Tate as the B with the infamous ad. The article was a syndicated write-up which reported on some of the filming at Spahn Ranch where Adamson filmed scenes for his biker epics including Angel’s Wild Women and met the Manson Gang.

Tonight I was viewing one of the very first films I rented from the Video Connection which brought me into the world of the Biker Film – Al Adamson’s great Satan’s Sadists. A bit of a personal story, I first rented the Super Video VHS back in the Late 80’s possibly a little after getting the Biker Movie music compilation Angel Dust: Music for Movie Bikers featuring soundbites from films I also saw on Channel 36, the Fox station in Toledo that started off seriously Indie which showed a lot of AIP films in it’s first few weeks. A lot of pieces fitted together by 1989 making me wonder how well it did in both the Detroit and Toledo areas.


9-10-69 – Showing at the Fox, a theater that was geared to Exploitation by the Mid 60’s and especially after the riots of ’67. Featuring a record giveaway which might be the soundtrack released on Smash, the sub-label of Mercury, it’s interesting to note that the songs were branded Soul! Great stuff, but far from Motown.





9-19-69, Pontiac with the Legendary Born Losers!


12-15-71, playing with Hell’s Bloody Devils and Girl on a Motorcycle!


9-2-69, Toledo!


12-24-69 – Merry Christmas?!!! Uniontown, PA with the cool Hooked Generation, with Jeremy slate of the Born Losers!


12-26-69, Milwaukee – Also in the news was Manson’s music being released on vinyl.


12-26-69, Uniontown – As you can tell, the heavy exploitation toned down quite a bit while the trail was about to happen and heat up the news.


~ by screen13 on March 29, 2016.

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