2 Responses to “The Alley Cats, MC5, Korean Kittens, Brides of Dracula, Knife God, Handyman, Girl from SIN, and Satan’s Mistress on the Detroit Timeline for 10-7-66”

  1. These are really great!!!! There’s an odd typo where it says 1958/1959 in a row…I clicked comment which went I dunno where, and then it wants me to make a profile, etc…same just for liking it, and since I’m busy, I just skipped it, so even if ya don’t see many “likes” I guarantee you it’s because people are busy…


    On Saturday, March 26, 2016, The Scene of Screen 13 wrote:

    > screen13 posted: ” With the Scene’s focus on Detroit in mind, some of you > ate thinking “What was happening when the MC5 first played the Grande > Ballroom on that legendary night of 10-7-66?”. With the help of some ads > from the Wed. of 10-5 back in the days when that was the” >

    • Thanks – Thankfully, the typo was not on any of the star attractions (It was about the JD flick The Party Crashers…I NEED to see it!).

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