The Name Change – Molested in The Devils Garden



3-9-73, Louisville


Back into the sleaze, this time it’s a pleasure to show a hardly used ad with a title that was quickly changed. Sidney Hayes’ classic and dramatically sleazy Schoolgirls in Terror film Assault was very briefly known in The US as Molested as you can see in the Louisville ad. Although effective and eye-catching, you can also tell that some might have found that title a bit too creepy, especially editors of newspapers – and this was The 70’s when creeper entertainment made the decade. Suzy Kendall (Torso) and Lesley-Anne Downe lead the cast of this Rank Film happening of the Early 70’s which was Distributed in The US through Hemisphere and was dragged through PD VHS Hell (Genesis Home Video or Saturn ring a “school”-bell?) before it found a proper home at VCI.

Still, with a never-say-die attitude which translates into “we have to cram this flick in as many theaters as possible”, they payed attention to that catch-phrase “The killer looks like The Devil”. The showing in Louisville even saw one of it’s critics say some good words about the film, but that was not working either. Although the pairing with the classic Devil’s Nightmare was the right move, it took The Exorcist to spark a new way to sell the film. Also promoting the more devilish film of the bill helped, too.


3-16-73, MilwaukeeCHI3-8-74Devil'sNightmare

3-8-74, Chicago


3-14-74, Kansas City


3-26-74, Uniontown, PA

4-3-74, Detroit!


4-5-74, Hamilton, OH


4-5-74, Piqua, OH…clever ad assembly!


3-7-75, Brownwood, TX



5-24-75, Beckley, VW



~ by screen13 on March 25, 2016.

2 Responses to “The Name Change – Molested in The Devils Garden”

  1. Hey, I just discovered your blog today and it’s FANTASTIC!! The work you’ve done here is tremendous, and I only just started reading it. I collect film ads too and run them daily on my Facebook page, Groovy Doom. I’d like to run a link to your blog for my followers to find you, if that’s OK with you.

    • Thanks! Posting a link is cool and much appreciated. In return, you’re in the Blogroll. Great stuff!

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