It Played Detroit – The Cult (The Manson Massacre)





While The Other Side of Madness never touched the Detroit screens until later in the decade, the fictional film based on the Manson story made during the trail, The Cult, played first run in the Motor City in May, 1971. This was the film that turned into The Love Cult (not to be confused with the 1966 flick), The Together Girls, and finally The Manson Massacre. Directed by one “Kentucky Jones”, who’s real identity has been rumored about for years with no possible final news to offer. Released by Maron Films under it’s X-Rated off-shoot, this played to the few cinema ghouls who were lucky to see it in it’s original run.

It should be noted that this was released when the Manson trail was still going on, by then focusing on the testimony of Susan Atkins in connection to the slaying of Gary Hinman as well as that of Shorty Shea, a stuntman at the Spahn Ranch. At that time, Atkins had her hair shaved off.

While this possibly play the Detroit area, this Pittsburgh showing seriously had a great ad for it’s run as Together Girls! 3-27-73.


10-1-76, Detroit. Most of the showing of The Manson Massacre version of this film were around this time.


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