Girls, Gore, Maniacs, and More – HG Lewis Movies in Detroit!



9-18-68  She Devils on Wheels at the Fox! Playing with Mary Jane, the classic Pot-sploitation with Fabian, this looks like to be another show booked by the local AIP branch that was legend with She Devils through the years.

Recently, The Scene has been doing some research on the sin-ema of Detroit, one of the greatest cities in exploitation history along with it’s suburbs, and it seems right to introduce a series of articles focusing on it with a look at the films of HG Lewis playing in the Motor City. Seriously, it’s a perfect fit!


12-30-64 – Sadly, I’m still trying to find a Blood Feast ad for it’s showing at the Commerce Drive In in Walled Lake, but at least the classic Two Thousand Maniacs! hit the Riviera which resulted in this tasty ad!




11-8-67, Suburban Roulette at the Fox!

1-5-68 – A great pairing of Lewis’s troubled teen flick with Russ Meyer’s classic Motor Psycho. Still looking for an ad for A Taste of blood and Teenage Strangler, a double that played the Fox  on 9-20-26-67 and a the Waterford Drive in the week before


This 12-28-67 article from M. Hopper Huntwood’s Hopping Around that has a couple of familiar pre-release titles for films made during Lewis’ wild year of movie making.


12-13-68 – The She Devils return to the Metro area on the Drive In circuit!


1-15-69 – The wonder that was shot in a few days in a building that housed Chicago’s Capri Theater plays the Detroit circuit. At that time, most of the Adult ads were small, but eye catching.The Gem Art was located in the Downtown district that would stick mainly to the 60’s stuff through the Early 70’s. The Hi-Land was in Highland Park, which would soon be a part of the Metro Area’s leading Porno District around 6 MI and Woodward and would close around 1987. The Capri was an Eastpointe theater that was a regular neighborhood theater that went into Sexploitation by 1965-6 and would go into Porn in The 70’s.


3-19-69 – the classic Gruesome Twosome.Something Weird double bill hits The D when it was all about Kicking Out the Jams! A Grande Time for all!




3-28-69 – Held Over!!!


12-19-69 – Another performance, this time at the Kramer on Michigan and some notable Drive Ins.


2-18-70 – Here’s a super showing of Linda and Abilene at the three theaters that played Alley Tramp plus the Globe, which turned into an Adult place by that time, and the Follies. The Follies was originally called the Family Theater until it’s programming turned more serious and Adult. In 1969, it would officially change it’s name and possibly management (I think there was some quiet time between the names…looking into it) and would burn down in Late July 1973 during the showing of Deep Throat (7-26-73).


3-3-71 – It’s Ladies’s Day with The Wizard of Gore!



9-22-71 – At what one would call a Real Grindhouse, open 24/7! I’m still looking for a Gore Gore girls with Stick It in Your Ear, but so far I have found far more interesting pairings including this with his X-Rated Urban flick that played very well in the Metro Detroit area.


5-31-72, and obviously cool! the Trans Lux Krim was also the spot for this classic…


7-12-72 – The one and only!!! This showing of the class-sick Gore Gore Girls was one of the few I have found that was something you can call “First Run” with the iconic ad. Soon, the Trans Lux Krim would be known as just the Krim and would be twined. On the New Year’s Night of the MC5’s final stand (which would also be the Grande’s final stand), it would play Deep Throat on one screen and Behind the Green Door on the other! (to those who have seen this article up until 3-21-16 at 4:35 Eastern Standard Time, an apology is in order for writing The Devil in Miss Jones)

Another example of how all of this is perfect is knowing a band named after the film is from Detroit!


8-1-73…while Herschell was moving into another chapter of his life, Stan Kholberg’s infamous presentation of “Copenhagen’s Psychic Loves”, a re-edit of James Hurley’s The Psychic, flew into the Detroit area. The original edit was a product of Lewis’ Budget-Minded film company which ran a few ads in the trades in Late 1968, but would be unleashed in 1971 in Chicago after some sexing it up.


The Mel, a general neighborhood theater turned Porno, was in Melvendale.


Not wanting to end this with The Psychic, and without an ad for the Wizard of Gore’s appearance in the area on a few Midnight shows, this capture was another example of seeing ads for a Lewis film and a Friedman presentation next to one another.

Now onto some great music!


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