More Monika! The Devil Controlled Her by Radar!


3-2-56, Amarillo

It’s been a LONG TIME since the last post, so I have to get this show back in motion, and soon you will seriously know why I was gone for a while. Until then, here’s more brilliant ads for Monika, The Story of a Bad Girl, this time focusing on those with the class-sick line “The Devil Controls Her by Radar!” Some of these showings were with “Mixed Up Girl” which was the re-title of Babb’s under-performing Anti-Alcohol film One Too Many.

Harriett Anderson’s beauty was seriously something to focus on in these ads. It might have been a heavily altered version of a Bergman film, but Babb (who had David F. Friedman among his employees by then!) knew how to sell it with all of the sin and sleaze that attracted the business – and it worked!


9-6-55, Logan, OH


3-20-56, Lubbock, TX


3-22-57, Ogden, Utah with the legendary Nudist flick Garden of Eden!


5-7-58, Detroit!


~ by screen13 on March 21, 2016.

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