Capturing the FEMALE ANIMAL (Plus a “Back Again!”)


4-3-70, Columbus, OH – …and welcome back, ladies as well! The World was one of the Art Theater Guild cinemas that held the Saturday Night Midnight Underground Cinema 12 and it had a way with promoting it’s series. The Westwood in Toledo mainly had the small boxes in The Blade, but this one knew how to do it!


10-2-68 – I think you get the picture!


Anyways, time to check out another flick that rocked the Early 70’s – Female Animal!

Jerry Gross knew how to sell his flicks in a very competitive time in the Independent Movie industry which at that moment meant SKIN-Dependent, and with Arlene Farber starring, things were going to go right with this film. Despite the fake credits a go-go, including Farber mentioned as Arlene Tiger and Gross re-naming himself as Juan Carlo Grinella (possibly as in “Grinning all the way to the bank!”), the claim that it was made in Puerto Rico was reportedly for real – the reason for some of the pretty exotic setting seen through the film. The Late 60’s and Early 70’s was a time for the “Imported” films which meant that more interesting things were happening in them than most domestic films of the day, and Gross had a great time running away with that trend as much as he could as the owner of Cinemation Industries thanks with authentic imports including Teenage Sex Report, The Seducers, and Mac Ahlberg’s Fanny Hill.

Note: This was not the first time when Farber was credited under a different name, but this was the breakthrough film for her. In Two Girls for a Madman, she was known as Toni France, although that was one of the many gritty New York City Roughies that played the Adult Circuit through the Late 60’s and Early 70’s.


Female Animal was a good film that justified the hype it got when it was released very early in 1970, with a 1-23-70 Premiere in NYC. The music by Clay Pitts fitted the bill perfectly, even if some of it suggested that he listened to the soundtrack of Fuego (then one of  THE sexy import films of the day starring Isabel Sarli – it was more than Curious Yellow, it was on fire!) and Gross’ direction was very on-target. It might not have been in the same league as Cinemation’s breakthrough hit Inga, Joe Sarno’s groundbreaking and dramatic Made-in-Sweden super hit, but it was a fine offering made in color featuring Farber’s attractiveness that was already proven a winner in Teenage Mother (“Means nine months of trouble!!!”) in a story about a girl leaving a potential “normal” life with her boyfriend for a life of decadent luxury after almost being ran down on a bike ride with a sordid end after her time with the kinky and wealthy family comes to an abrupt end. Bring 1970, the kinkiness was tame compared to the kind of stuff that was shown just a couple of years later, but for 1970 it was very hot for the time.


3-6-70, Female Animal invades Chicago, with a Drive In and Suburb showing in the next month.



4-3-70, Chicago


4-23-70, at the 53 in Palatine in the Northern suburb area of Chicago. Note the presence of the classic Isabel Sarli hit The Female.


5-30-70, Gastonia


6-12-70, Piqua, OH


10-9-70, Albuquerque – the Kimo Adult was possibly showing Sisters IN Leather not Sisters Under Leather which might have been a typo thanks to the Second-Run of Girl on a Motorcycle as Naked Under Leather…while it’s understandable, you know that it’s important to be correct.


11-14-70, Statesville, NC – The Villa Heights was known for it’s line of Sexploitation through The 70’s. More on that later on…


12-18-70, San Antonio – This is the right kind of double!!!


12-11-70 saw Inga with the Ahlberg version of the Fanny Hill story, too…


1-14-70, Chicago – I had to get a better ad to show you why this Fanny Hill was a hit.


4-2-71 at the Campus in the  Carbondale, IL. area.

Sadly, when the massive I Drink Your Blood/I Eat Your Skin double bill turned into Cinemation’s main focus, Female Animal was shoved into the occasional B-level showing, although Teenage Mother was still showing on a regular basis mainly due to the Roadshow nature of the film which was still bankable through the Early 70’s. Farber co-starred in the leading controversial Horror, although not billed – I wonder if that was a decision which may have lead her to leave the world of Cinemation and move on to appearances in The French Connection, Slumber Party ’57 and reportedly a few TV shows in small roles.

As for the film itself, it received a release through Something Weird Video on VHS and Retro-Seduction Cinema on DVD (Through Independent-International, I think). Of course, more ads are planned to be shown later on in time.



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