Andy Milligan, the Screen 13 Tribute – Classic Newspaper Ads, Part 1


9-14-67 – The Village Voice ad for the 1967 release of Milligan’s debut, Vapors, which played with the EVI release The Brick Dollhouse!

In Screen 13 tribute to the one and only Andy Milligan (who’s birthday was 2-12-29), here’s a group of ads for some of the Director’s films that have generated a small and devoted cult following. To those new to the story, a number of his “Roughies” which are presented in this post are lost, meaning that there’s nothing to create a video or digital release out of (Lucky us the BFI released the once-very rare Nightbirds). Thankfully, some of the ads are around so that we can only imagine what they could be like (and I’m sure there’s characters that represent his Mother)! On the New York scene, these did very well, and some of them traveled through the Grindhouse and Drive In circuits through the Late 60’s and even Early 70’s.

So without any more rambling about, here’s a visual attack of Milligan movies, although I will say that Fleshpot on 42’nd Street is a good view of what I view as his more natural style of movie making on the streets of NYC and the release of The Ghastly Ones is highly recommended!

8-10 and 8-17-67 – AKA Liz, this was Milligan’s feature debut (To those new, Vapors was only 32 Minutes). The World would be infamous in 1972 for it’s showing of Deep Throat. Despite it’s success in the NYC scene, this is one of the William Mishkin releases that are lost.


4-15-67, Lubbock, Texas – The Degenerates given the Fine Arts Drive In Censorship Treatment.This release was from JER, the company who unleashed The Ghastly Ones, but sadly this is also a lost film.


9-21-67 – Great ad line!!!


…and look at what was still at the World!!!


11-16-68, Kansas City – Possibly the best ad for The Ghastly Ones in it’s original run before being teamed up with The Headless Eyes. Plus, you get Jess Franco’s the Awful Dr. Orloff! Back in the day, hardly anyone took that much notice about the Directors, but their work stood out in their own unique ways!


10-29-68, San Antonio – Released by William Mishkin…and lost. Bob Cresse and Lee Frost’s Mondo Bizarro, however, is on DVD through Something Weird Video is is seriously the best of the three “Mondo” films Olympic International released.


3-7-69, Long Beach – The Star was what you might call a “Main Street” Adult theater, meaning one that was not as important as the Pussycat and instead was there playing whatever came it’s way. Thankfully, for that week, an Andy Milligan film came to play which seriously made things more interesting…now only if we could see it now!!!



7-3-69, New York City


8-7-69, New York City – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’s ad seriously had the right way to promote it! Both Gutter Trash and Kiss Me… were Mishkin releases.


8-22-69, Odessa, TX at the Lyric, a theater that was gone by the Early 70’s. Depraved! was a JER release and also a lost film.


5-15-70, Gastonia, NC


9-26-70, Gastonia, NC


12-4-70, San Antonio


2-19-71, Wilmington

Of course, there will be more later!


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