San Antonio Sin in 1977, Part Two

7-22-77 – To the Devil a Daughter and the Dimension release Ruby at the Judson 4 DI – a good way to open the second part of the Scene’s look at Sin in San Antonio in 1977! Many of these ads were usually found on the last page of the small and usually low-budget movie listings right at the bottom in the way that many newspapers were treating these films by then. It was a time of major changed in the movie world, and several theaters who decided to keep it sleazy were trying to stay in the biz.

Opening in 1976, the Judson was seriously a pace that was built way too late to survive and reportedly closed in the Mid 80’s. Nastassja Kinski’s infamous and iconic image was used in this ad, although in other areas the baby monster was the alternative – the Detroit News got Ad #2.



9-23-77 – the Colonies North and the Downtown Texas theater changed owners in 1977, but I forgot to mention that they turned into Movie One theaters at this time. The Texas had one of the few plays of Mondo Magic I came across although I have a feeling that I will have some more at least by the end of the year.


9-23-77 – the Fred Road and Trail DIs present one of Harry Reems’ final films before trying to go legit, although sadly it was not to be. The Lackland was stepping up their game a bit with two more then-recent Adult films with Danish and Blue, something of a third-run film from a time that was already gone by then when producers like Zoltan G. Spencer whipped up films that pretended to be European, but were clearly all California – Lee Frost did a far better job at that.


7-8-77 – The Teeny Boppers appear again along with School Girl Temptations in an All Night show. The re-titled double feature had a lot of plays in the Late 70’s when Drive Ins were seriously looking for whatever they can to get an audience, and there was that steamy and sleazy Late 60’s/Early 70’s EuroSex quality that Cherry Hill High and Slumber Party 57 did not have although Debra Winger’s appearance in the “Party” is one that some fan still talk about. This was a well-programmed set with the really good stuff (and Laura Antonelli!!!) at the end.


7-8-77 – Jess Franco’s The Demons, presented in The US as She-Demons, plays with Pete Walker’s Schizo at the Aztec 3 downtown and the Captain Drive In. Howard Mahler presented the Nunsploitation classic while Niles International had Walker’s Horror. Sadly, the Captain had one more season before it’s demise in 1978. The Redemtion Blu Ray seriously is the way to go for Franco’s film, but even seeing the US edit on the big screen would have been interesting to catch.


9-2-77 – The Judson 4 joins in the sleaze-a-thon presented by Group 1. The iconic Teasers ad art was by Robert McGinnins. the “Banned in 36 Countries” hype was just that, but it worked!


8-5-77 – The Texas got violent with this triple play! The infamous Snuff was pretty much the light entertainment by comparison to the other two films on display (and was actually officially rated X – the original edit as The Slaughter got that rating back in ’71). William Mishkin released the Roberto Bianchi Montereo’s The Slasher in both R-Rated and Adult versions while Peppercorn-Wormser unleashed the Shaw Brothers’ class-sick Bamboo House of Dolls with a wild campaign. Snuff actually had two showings t the Fox Theater in Detroit in 1976, one advertised with a Fake R when it returned later in the year.


8-22-77 – MA Ripp’s release of William Deihl, Jr.’s All the Young Wives as Naked Rider was a surprise hit, mainly due to the very appealing ads and the warning. Among EMC’s employees were the trip that started Motion Picture Marketing (Savage Streets) including John Chambliss.


4-29-77, the Jess Franco “Maid at your service” flick was released in Canada through Cinepix, although of course some US playdates were to happen for it. Keys from 1973 was Directed by George Bowden and starring Barbara Mills – one of the many films released through Entertainment Pyramid (Dan Cady?). The very ill-fitting Abducted Bride is the notorious Sinful Dwarf. I can imagine Harry Novak of Boxoffice International owner putting this show together!


5-20-77 – Christina Lindberg is Anita


1-30-77 – Another ad for Daddy Darling, a film by Joe Sarno. The girl in this ad was also the vision of the ads for the Cinema One theater in Ohio!


Of course, there’s more for later, but here’s one extra ad…



Special 1975 mention! 2-1-75 – Although some have said that the Circle 81 DI closed in the Late 60’s, this is proof that it continued for a few more years – and with Screen taking note of the titles, you could tell that it was pretty spicy. I think that this was one of the last ads for both of these DIs – while I wonder about “Swing Sex Society”, I have to ask if The Rape Grabbers was another name for The Grabbers which was the official title of the Adult version of The Scavengers? With the Ruenes circuit in ruins, we may never know…




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