Swinging in the 70’s -Wild and Rare – 1977


6-10-77, Albuquerque

In this look back to the Sleazy Late 70’s and various rare finds, the focus is on 1977, forst looking on a funny Adult parody of Jaws called Gums…and it’s exactly what you think it is and then some. The added attraction  here is that of the appearance of Brother Theodore.


9-9-77, Bridgeport, Conn


10-7-77, Palm Beach


4-1-77, San Antonio, also featuring Tinto Brass’ classic Salon Kitty presented in the US as Madame Kitty.


4-29-77, San Antonio – Abducted Bride is The Sinful Dwarf and Celestine is the Jess Franco film. More Late 70s San Antonio action in the plans!!!



4-1-77, Palm Beach – Self Service School Girls and many variations of the genre are being planned to be in a post of their own soon…


9-23-77, Lubbock – Remember the Fine Arts Drive In ads from The 60’s? Sadly, by this time, they were part of a small line-up of adult Theater ads, although it was still keeping it in the Sleaze.


2-4-77, Detroit – Cambist Films were seriously playing a lot of it’s back catalog by this time – Relations was one of the hottest sin-sations of 1970’s Grindhouse scene. One again, this is a shining example of Winter-time sleaze in the final years of the original Exploitation era.


6-11-77, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada – Sleaze in the Great White North was plenty, and this ad featuring  Claude Pierson’s Justine de Sade and French Love had this cool ad.



11-25-77, Fort Walton Beach – Don’t have too many of this title (yet), especially with this kind of ad, so it’s in this collection tonight! cirected by Pierre Unia.



11-4-77, Youngstown – Jail Bait Babysitter promoted with the artwork for The Baby!


1-7-77, Brownsville TX – One of the rare plays of this under-performing film from the makers of Flesh Gordon including an OK performance from Bill Osco. This was made when Flesh Gordon was having problems in it’s release, but it proved to be a footnote in an otherwise notable Exploitation career.


Port Arthur, TX, 12-13-77 – This rare one was turned into Dr. Dracula. The original Paul Aratow version looks a “Hell” of a lot better!


11-4-77, Del Rio – and on this note…More Later!!!


~ by screen13 on February 3, 2016.

One Response to “Swinging in the 70’s -Wild and Rare – 1977”

  1. It’s hilarious that they used art for The Baby to promote Jailbait Babysitter. That would make for a jarring double feature.

    Abducted Bride certainly lacks the ring of The Sinful Dwarf…But then again, so does every other movie ever made.

    Gums sounds like a movie I should see. Was it a hardcore movie or more like Schoolgirl Report?

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