Drive In Memories of The Late 70’s – Twin Palms 1 and 2 in Corpus Christi




It’s time for another Drive In Memory with a twin in Corpus Christi that seriously wins a Screen 13 Award of some kind (maybe I’ll call them Screeners!) for a history of DI greatness. The Twin Palms’ programs are my kind of variety, especially in the Late 60’s and 70’s: Exploitation, Sexploitation, Spanish, Last Runners, Horror, Classic Horror, Eurosex, Western, Adventure, and all of the rest of the things that make life worthwhile. It was noted for having that great DI practice in the ate 70’s of having one screen for the spicy stuff and the other for the more general shows with some weeks playing more Adult fare on occasion, keeping the tradition alive when the screens were called the North (Adult) and South (General) back in its early years.

This and the Surf, connected in management, reportedly closed in 1980 leaving behind plenty of classic memories in these small nuggets of Sin-ema history. Although not a part of the Ayres DI strip that included the Surf, the Twin Palms was of the same style


1-9-76 – Both cool shows! Classic Horror fans might want that time machine to check out Tura on the big screen in Astro Zombies!


3-18-77 – By this time, ads for the Surf were joined in at the top. The Dragons Die Hard/Devil Woman double bill was seen on so many screens through the Late 70’s, and it’s appearance on the Ayres Drive In strip was something to check out. Those who liked it more sexy went to the Twin Palms 1, where the Amero Brothers’ Every Inch a Lady (for some reason named Every Stitch a Lady!) featuring Harry Reems was playing.


1-23-76, The second screen is a perfect example of the Last Run Drive In show. 5 st the Funeral was reportedly the working title for House of Terror released by Gamalex in 1973 and possibly picked up by a very low-level company that specialized in hardly played films. Death Makers is possibly Only the Cool, another Gamalex-released film, this one a French Spy thriller from the Early 70’s while “Charlton Charlie” was possibly the the Ross Hagen film Bad Charleston Charlie.


1-30-76 – Screen 1’s title should be familiar to Something Weird Video gallery fans as it was a familiar sight in a couple of them. The second screen was into films from the Early 60’s that night including The Devil’s Messenger, an edited version of the 13 Demon Street series with Lon Chaney, and The Devil’s Partner from 1961. Eye of Evil might be the Mario Bava film The Girl Who Knew Too Much as it would have fitted perfectly with the night – it was called The Evil Eye in the US.


1-21-77 – Another Twin Palm/Surf line up ad – At the Twin Palms 2, it’s time to solve a “Puzzle” which could be the Italian Giallo  L’uomo senza memoriaDirected by Duccio Tessari (A Pistol for Ringo) and starring Senta Burger, while going WTF at Andy Milligan’s Blood Thirsty Butchers…and that was the fun of a true Late 70’s DI ready to play anything!!! Twin Palms 1 was showing Radley Metzger’s Score which was daring for the time. The Surf was showing AIP hits perfect for the night.


5-7-76 – The Twin Palms 1 was showing the S&M classic The Defiance of Good with Jean Jennings and Fred Lincoln. Screen 2 was something for the Action fans – the Gambler must have been the effective Paramount film starring James Cann.


2-20-76 – Here’s another example of the Twin Palm’s Action Night at the Second Screen with three Westerns. A Man for Hanging might be the film starring Peter Breck. Screen 1 features one of the many European flicks that were a staple of the Drive Ins through the Mid-Late 70’s (The Wayne in Detroit was still showing them in the slow months as late as Early 1984 with Young Seducers!)

2-11-77 – The Surf was showing the sleaze and Schoolgirls while the Twin Palms 2 was dishing up the Spaghetti Western, once again with a film by Duccio Tessari, and Man of Iron. Screen 1 featured a strong running Porn hit.


 1-28-77, Milligan fans will dig Screen 2! Feast of Flech was usually served up with Night of the Bloody Apes.


2-18-77 – Milligan’s The Man with 2 Heads showed up.

More Drive In fun later – with vintage 60’s ads!


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