Happy New Year! HG Lewis Ad Research Update – Screen’s Gonna Rise Again!


Danville, VA 5-1-64 – I’m sure that the South Drive In loved the theme song!

Happy 2016! I seriously hope that you had a great celebration, or at least a relaxing night listening to the Fireworks. The Scene is happy to say that things are going well in the Research to bring you more demented fun and Exploitation Thrills through the year – and I hope some planned surprises will happen.

Starting the New Year off right, here’s what I view was one of the best ad finds of 2015, a crazy and partially original ad for the classic Two Thousand Maniacs. I thought I seen them all, but when one is dealing with the Godfather of Gore, who played his films in so many places where they had Drive Ins that had a way with spinning some exciting original hype for their shows (In today’s movie world, that’s certainly hard to see!), there’s bound to be something out there which screams out to be documented and saved!


11-3-67, Danville – The South’s main competition, the 360, had one of the very early showings of the infamous Gruesome Twosome with “Some Thing Weird”. I kind of wonder if the iconic ad for HG Lewis’ LSD story was even created as it was a production that was supposed to be only the second feature (or “something weird”), but it would be interesting to find out about that story.


11-12-67, Danville – Fittingly, the South DI showed one of the sleazy HG Lewis offerings of the Fall of 1967, The Girl, the Body, and The Pill featuring young Nancy Lee Noble who would later be seen in She Devils on Wheels and Just for the Hell of It. Knowing what the South turned to by the Mid 70’s, it was the thing to do. Also in this ad is a rare word-driven ad for The Blast Off Girls – LOVE the Mini-Skirts and Mini-Morals line!


12-22-67 – Another ad for Color Me Blood Read and Blood Feast…like pennies even in this card driven era, you keep finding them and they add up beautifully!


9-14-68 – Going to Gastonia for the next few ads! Here, She Devils on Wheels is with the classic Glory Stompers!


Going back a year to 10-4-67, here’s the Starting tomorrow ad for the Taste of Blood and Teenage Strangler Double Bill.


10-28-67, One for the fans of Lewis’ Moonshine Epics in a “Brown Baggers Special” on the North Screen of the 29.


4-10-70, San Bernardino…She Devils played with a LOT of films, but here’s a totally unexpected sight with Radley Metzger’s Camille 2000 marked by someone who was possibly pressured by someone to wipe out that three-letter word starting with S that would send you to hell if you mentioned it in a movie ad. It’s played with many films, but this clearly was a tasty unexpected treat and maybe a test to see if you like  Metzger’s Jet Setters or Lewis’ Mean Mamas.


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