Ilsa , the Wicked Warden Research Update!


6-17-77, Montreal

Here’s a find I never would have thought would be caught – the original title for Jess Franco’s class-SICK which turned into Wanda the Wicked Warden and then Ilsa the Wicked Warden. At this showing, you could tell that the fame for the iconic super sadistic villain of 70’s Exploitation died off a bit with this ad as the first two in the series generated very big ads. Due to it’s very dark and twisted nature, the film generated quite a cult through the years especially with Video Ghouls like yours truly.

The B to this showing, Alain Payet’s Hitler’s Last Train, was a film that got Cinepix distribution in Canada, but one that The US had to wait until Wizard video got a hold of it and titled it Helltrain.


11-9-79, Pittsburgh

After it’s original run in Canada, it was finally picked up by Bernie Jacon (who I think used to work for Cambist, the Distributor of the first two Ilsa films). After reportedly first playing in Feb. 1979, it went on it’s tour to any screen that would play it. this would hit the Midwest around Late 1979, but I hope to catch some earlier playdates soon.


2-8-80. Carbondale


4-25-80, Toledo


5-16-80, Toledo


10-2-81, Dubuque, IowaD11-80

11-80, Detroit!

By the Mid 80’s, the film would be put to video followed by more fans and infamy.


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