The Abortion Shock Show, 1973-4


6-28-1974. High Point, NC – at the Tar Heel.

Presented after the Roe Vs. Wade decision (1-22-73), This Five-Unit Shock Show is a rarity of the last round of Roadshow history. Although it was a topic in many of these films through the years, the 1966 US release of the Doctor Says brought it more to the then-modern attention of the audiences back in the days of the “Sex Revolution” when the topic was getting hotter with the popularity of the Pill. By the Early 70’s, the Sex Hygiene shows were mainly a thing of the past, but someone, possibly Alexander Enterprises, found one way of keeping them afloat –  by throwing in an Abortion Reel along with the Claude Alexander presentation of The Birth of Triplets/The Mating Urge that played for years with the Eve (Meyer) Productions film Love and Kisses (with music by Righteous Brother Phil Medley!) thrown in.

Who knows if it’s The Doctor Says, or even if it’s a re-appearance of The Desperate Women, a film with a small role for Eve Meyer and camerawork by a soon to be famous Russ, or maybe a film called Abortion which was reported in the AFI book on the first page (another release of The Doctor Says?). Maybe I’m guessing a little wildly here, but it’s very interesting to see what it was or even if it was a string of different Doctors’ films. This was shoved quickly out of Exploitation history after a few showings, but these ads are another piece of the huge Exploitation Puzzle Kit that deserve to be preserved.

I’m going to need to start listening to some commentaries all over again…and that’s a good thing!


Pottstown, PA, 9-15-73


7-11-74, Danville, Virginia – One of the few (possibly only) sightings of the full ad.



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