At the Kitten Club – Tar Heel Drive In



The Tar Heel Drive In Archdale NC, advertised as High Point’s Finest in the ads, was usually known for being one of the places for Exploitation and by the Late 70’s was moving more into an Adult world. One of the most amusing hypes was the Kitten Club which focused on “Kitten” appearing at the shows and someone reading the titles of the movies on their phone messages. As the reader can see, pictures were taken (wonder if anyone kept them…doubt if any exist today!) and the films were the Adult fare that might have been risky to advertise up front in the newspapers in a time when these films were being mentioned less.



I think that I read somewhere that bad weather caused the collapse of the screen in 1975 – please fill me in with details – and I gather that in order to keep the business moving and pay up for the cost of the repairs, this was an easy way to recoup the losses in the classic Drive In way.  Of course, being the Late 70’s, it was one smart way to keep the place alive in a time when the DIs were starting to seriously fade away, especially those that tried to keep in the Mainstream (the Eastside in Detroit, always at odds with the locals when it came to R-Rated films, closed up in 1977). Lucky for those in more rural areas, some stayed open through this method although the Tar Heel was one of the those that took the extra step.




10-30-76 – This ad is a bonus for the amusing use of the iconic image from Shotgun Wedding…cute, but makes you wonder sometimes.


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