More Fine Arts Drive In Madness


1-10-69, featuring a Chancellor-released Double Bill. Spoiled Rotten was a Greek JD film that might have been dated by the time it hit American screens, but the presence of Zoe Laskari was certainly the sight that made it all happen – wish there was a US disc of that film. Prowl girls is a Barry Mahon flick,


3-8-69, another classic “Call Theater for Title” ad! LUBBOCK-TX-3-29-69

3-29-69, Loos like Barry Mahon’s films were touring their way through the Lubbock area at the time. Thar She Blows is a David F. Friedman production that was part of the classic run of films through the year after beefing up the budget from the 1968 cuties.


1-17-69 – The Acid Eaters, presented by David F. Friedman, had an ad that contained a word that must have troubled the paper enough for the slapped-on “2’nd Feat.” to appear.


4-5-69, The Ramrodder is the first post-Space Thing film from EVI/David F. Friedman, and was a very small step up from the usual, although future films like Starlet were even better. Sadly, the paper thought that the words Hot Skin were a little too hot for their readers for the Barry Mahon second feature.


4-15-69, The Fine Arts was by then trading shows with the Arcadia! Obviously the newspaper knew what “Came” in The Spy Who Came!


2-7-69 – Where there’s a Friedman film paying, a Cress flick was not far behind. In this case, a double feature!


2-28-69 – the infamous Olympic international film You appeared in Lubbock. The B is yet another Barry Mahon film.


4-19-69 – More trading with the Arcadia




5-10-69 – More censorship! “Call” Girls of Frankfurt and “Sec” Club International were at the Arcadia that week. Of course, the Fine Arts knew that they would be in trouble if it mentioned the three-letter word starting with S in a movie title.


5-17-69 – the Fine Arts going sophisticated for that week!


6-6-69 – A very Something Weird double bill hit that weekend!






7-7-69 – And on that note, there’s more to come!

~ by screen13 on December 3, 2015.

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